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Test your knowledge of our favourite royal house with this fun quiz. Grab your favourite beverage, get comfy and get that brain working. Good luck!

Tudor Monarchs

Q1) On 20th November 1558, who did Queen Elizabeth I tell "...the law of nature moveth me to sorrow for my sister; the burden that is fallen upon me maketh me amazed..."?

Robert Dudley

The lords gathered at Hatfield

Mary, Queen of Scots

William Cecil

Q2) Philip of Spain was very interested in Mary's relationship with Elizabeth - so interested that he had listened to the sisters' "private" conversation from this hiding spot.

Under the bed

The other side of the door

Behind an arras

From the balcony

Q3) If Henry VIII had syphilis it would have been noted that he was treated with this...which he was not.





Q4) After Queen Mary I had spent months after her due date in her chamber at Hampton Court Palace, she slipped away and travelled to which palace?



St James's


Q5) In February 1558, Elizabeth visited her sister (Queen Mary) at Richmond Palace and gave her this:

An oath of her allegiance to Catholicism

Baby clothing

A book which had once belonged to Katherine of Aragon

A miniature of herself

Q6) Whose reign was shorter: that of Edward VI or Mary I?

Edward VI

Mary I

Q7) True or false: King Henry VIII didn't think about annulling his marriage to Katherine of Aragon until he met Anne Boleyn?



Q8) In which year did Elizabeth I contract smallpox and nearly die?





Q9) Which of the following did NOT happen when Edward VI was on the throne?

Mass was heard in English

Clergy were allowed to marry

Stained glass windows were destroyed

The interior walls of churches were painted with Bible stories to help educate parishioners

Q10) "In truth, as I behold his countenance and his goodly form, I am inclined to love him more and more. For I see that the excellence of his character precedes him. I observe his natural talents, and am astonished that at such a young age he possesses gravity, good behaviour, gentleness, humility, and a goodness both inborn and bestowed from above." Which king do these words describe?

Henry VIII

Henry VII

Edward VI

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Tudor Monarchs Quiz