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Tudor women quiz

Grab your favourite beverage and snack, find a comfortable spot and test your knowledge of some of the prominent women of the Tudor court. Good luck!

Tudor women

Q1) This woman was barely fifteen years old when she was appointed chief lady-in-waiting to Princess Mary, who was she?

Margaret Douglas

Margaret Bryan

Kat Ashley

Katherine Parr

Q2) Which of these women was not married more than once?

Katherine Parr

Katherine Willoughby

Anne Stanhope

Jane Parker

Q3) This woman was not only a lady-in-waiting to Katherine Parr but she also became one of the king’s painters, who was she?

Levina Teerlinc

Susannah Horenbout

Elizabeth Holbein

Jane Eworth

Q4) This woman was referred to as the “Fair Geraldine” in a sonnet by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, who is she?

Geraldine Basset

Elizabeth Howard

Margery Wentworth

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Q5) This woman was thought to have slept with and had children by her father-in-law, who was she?

Anne Hastings

Katherine Fillol

Anne Stanhope

Katherine Willoughby

Q6) This woman’s husband was vice chamberlain to several of Henry VIII’s queens and it is also believed that she served Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard, who is she?

Isabel Legh

Madge Shelton

Elizabeth Grey

Catherine St John

Q7) True or False: Katherine Parr’s sister, Anne Parr, was the Lady Herbert of Troy who carried Elizabeth Tudor’s train at the christening of Prince Edward?



Q8) Which of these women was not a member of the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk’s household at Lambeth, along with Katherine Howard? (Select One)

Alice Wilkes

Joan Bennett

Katherine Tylney

Dorothy Baskerville

Q9) While in the care of the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk, Katherine Howard’s friend, Joan Bulmer, is also said to have had a love affair: true or false?



Q10) Which of these ladies was not a half-sibling to Katherine Howard?

Margaret Howard

Isabel Legh

Mary Howard

Joyce Howard

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Tudor women quiz