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Ladies of the Tudor Court Quiz

How much do you know about prominent Tudor ladies and those who served the Tudor queens?

Test your knowledge with this fun little quiz. Good luck!

Ladies of the Tudor Court

Q1) This lady was Keeper of the Queen’s Jewels to Catherine Howard and at the time of her death was one of Princess Mary’s ladies.

Anne Bassett

Catherine Willoughby

Anne Parr

Blanche Parry

Q2) This lady was a descendent of Elizabeth Woodville and married the man who would become Lord Chancellor in 1533.

Katherine Woodville

Elizabeth Grey

Mary Grey

Margaret Wotton

Q3) Which of the following is not the first name of a sister to one of Henry VIII's queens?





Q4) Which of the following ladies explained to Wolsey in a letter that she could not, under good conscience, allow his men to take stone from Harwich since what remains there cannot be removed. If the existing stone is removed, the cliff will wash away and destroy the town?

Margaret Wotton

Elizabeth Scrope

Joan Vaux

Maud Parr

Q5) This lady was Countess of Bedford and wife of the Lord Privy Seal.

Anne Russell

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Margaret Douglas

Joan Larke

Q6) This lady married Gregory Cromwell, son of Thomas Cromwell.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Jane Denny

Anne Knyvett

Elizabeth Seymour

Q7) This lady was the daughter of Margaret Bryan and the sister of Sir Francis Bryan.

Elizabeth Grey

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Elizabeth Carew

Elizabeth Brooke

Q8) In 1547 this lady privately married William Parr, brother to Queen Katherine Parr. She also travelled to Antwerp looking for a cure for her breast cancer in 1564.

Anne Knyvett

Elizabeth Brooke

Kat Ashley

Margaret Wotton

Q9) This lady was good friends with Katherine Parr and was there in her final days. She later reported the events that occurred in the dowager queen's chamber.

Margaret Stonor

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt

Dorothy Bray

Jane Guildford

Q10) Which of the following ladies is not thought to have been a mistress to Henry VIII?

Jane Popincourt

Anne Hastings

Ursula Stourton

Elizabeth Blount

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Ladies of the Tudor Court Quiz