Tudor Society Bumper Sticker Competition

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Are you feeling inspired? We wanted to have a little fun and so we're running a quick competition!

Put on your thinking hat...

We want you to come up with a funny and/or amusing bumper sticker idea for the Tudor Society. All you have to do is come up with a slogan or motto and share it in the comments below. The winner will become the proud owner of that bumper sticker AND win a copy of the amazing book Tudor Places of Great Britain, in paperback.


  • Your bumper sticker must be original
  • You must comment on this post with the words/idea you have
  • You must leave your comment before the end of Wednesday 21 March 2018
  • There are NO limits to the number of ideas you can post (i.e. there is no limit to the number of times you can enter)
  • No rude words or expletives are allowed, but phrases can be suggestive if you like - keep it children friendly though!

Judging will take place on Thursday 22 March 2018, and the judges' decisions will be final. The winner will be contacted by email via the email address they use for their comment.

Turn on your creative side and get commenting!

NOTE: The car in the photo is not included in the prize!

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  1. Rebecca davis /

    I Want To Be Wife #9

  2. James Mewborn /

    “Tudors like it ruff.” – next to an image of Elizabeth I wearing a ruff.

  3. Arlene Reid /

    Toot if you love Tudors!

  4. Angela Perez /

    “No master need apply.” – with an image of Elizabeth I

  5. Angela Perez /

    “The Tudors- The original game of thrones”

  6. Mary Rutherford-Birkey /

    Head over heals for the Tudors!

    Lost my head for the Tudors!

  7. Gail Thomas /

    Tudors Rule!

  8. Amanda /

    Discover the history behind the faces. (with images of the Tudor monarchs behind the words, or something similar)

    1. Amanda /

      Whoops, I meant for the Tudor Society website to be a part of the sticker as well. So it would be:
      Discover the history behind the faces (with Tudor monarch images behind the words and TudorSociety.com web address below that)

  9. Carol Montgomery /

    Drive carefully. Don’t lose your head.

  10. Rachel McNeil /

    Drive like you’ve just been told your wife’s at home with Thomas Culpepper..

  11. Helen Harris /

    I survived the Tudors
    Love a Tudor? careful what you wish for.
    Hold on to your head with a Tudor

  12. Norbert /

    Henry 1000 – The Tudors move into the digital age.

  13. Ceri Creffield /

    Born (500 years) too late.

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Tudor Society Bumper Sticker Competition