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Tudor Society Bumper Sticker Competition

This competition is now closed.

Here's the winning entry by Gail, turned into a real Tudor bumper sticker!

Tudor Bumper Sticker

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  1. R /

    I Want To Be Wife #9

  2. J /

    “Tudors like it ruff.” – next to an image of Elizabeth I wearing a ruff.

  3. A /

    Toot if you love Tudors!

  4. A /

    “No master need apply.” – with an image of Elizabeth I

  5. A /

    “The Tudors- The original game of thrones”

  6. M /

    Head over heals for the Tudors!

    Lost my head for the Tudors!

  7. G /

    Tudors Rule!

  8. A /

    Discover the history behind the faces. (with images of the Tudor monarchs behind the words, or something similar)

    1. A /

      Whoops, I meant for the Tudor Society website to be a part of the sticker as well. So it would be:
      Discover the history behind the faces (with Tudor monarch images behind the words and TudorSociety.com web address below that)

  9. C /

    Drive carefully. Don’t lose your head.

  10. R /

    Drive like you’ve just been told your wife’s at home with Thomas Culpepper..

  11. H /

    I survived the Tudors
    Love a Tudor? careful what you wish for.
    Hold on to your head with a Tudor

  12. N /

    Henry 1000 – The Tudors move into the digital age.

  13. C /

    Born (500 years) too late.

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Tudor Society Bumper Sticker Competition