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I do love getting lost in a good historical novel, especially at this time of year when I can snuggle in front of the log burner under a blanket with a nice mug of hot chocolate. A novel that transports me to the 16th century is just prefect.

But how much do you know about Tudor-themed novels, series and authors?

Find out, and perhaps get some reading ideas, in this week's quiz:


#1. This trilogy by Deborah Harkness is a blend of Tudor history, fantasy, time travel and magic.

#2. Which historical figure is the "The Last Tudor" in Philippa Gregory's novel?

#3. Which Tudor is the subject of Susan Kay's novel "Legacy"?

#4. Margaret George wrote "Mary Queen Of Scotland And The Isles" and "The Autobiography of ........"

#5. Margaret Campbell Barnes' novel "Brief Gaudy Hour" is about this Tudor woman.

#6. Dinah Lampitt's "Pour the Dark Wine" is a novel that focuses on...

#7. Adrienne Dillard's "The Raven's Widow" is about this Tudor lady.

#8. In whose reign is C J Sansom's "Tombland" set?

#9. Which author wrote the Kingsbridge series which runs from the 12th century to Elizabeth I's reign?

#10. Which historian wrote the children's novels "Eliza Rose" and "Lady Mary", both set at the Tudor court?


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  1. M

    Thanks for the suggestions! Oh, gosh I loved Brief, Gaudy Hour!! And of course CJ Sansom is a favorite. Michelle t

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