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Tudor Men Quiz

How much do you know about men who were prominent in the Tudor period? Test yourself with this fun quiz.

Tudor Men Quiz

Q1) This man was one of the most popular actors on the Elizabethan stage and was also the founder of Dulwich College - who was he?

William Shakespeare

Edward Alleyn

Henry Condell

John Hemmings

Q2) In 1549, a minor Cornish gentleman assumed leadership of the Western Rebellion - who was he?

Sir Gawen Carew

John Russell

Humphrey Arundell

Sir Anthony Wingfield

Q3) Robert Aske was a conservative Yorkshire lawyer who assumed leadership of the Yorkshire insurrection that erupted in October 1536 - which movement did he lead?

Kett's Rebellion

Wyatt's Rebellion

The Northern Rising

The Pilgrimage of Grace

Q4) Sir George Carew was commander of the Mary Rose and died the day it sank on 19 July 1545. Before it sank, Henry VIII gave Carew this traditional insignia of a vice admiral...

Chain and gold whistle

A brooch of a ship

A medal

A coin minted to commemorate the Mary Rose

Q5) Which of these men successfully circumnavigated the Globe in 1587/8?

Francis Drake

Thomas Cavendish

Walter Ralegh

Richard Chancellor

Q6) This man became Queen Elizabeth I's champion on the retirement of Sir Henry Lee of Ditchley and was painted by Nicholas Hilliard.

George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester

Henry Clifford, 2nd Earl of Cumberland

Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex

Q7) Which of these was not a daughter of Sir Anthony Cooke, tutor of Edward VI?

Mildred Cecil

Elizabeth Russell

Anne Bacon

Elizabeth Audley

Q8) Which of these Tudor men lived at Mortlake?

John Dee

William Cecil

Charles Brandon

Thomas Cranmer

Q9) This courtier was said to have coached Jane Seymour in how to appeal to King Henry VIII and was executed in 1539 - who was he?

Francis Bryan

Thomas Seymour

Nicholas Carew

Edward Courtenay

Q10) This man became Henry VIII's Lord Chancellor in May 1544.

Thomas Wriothesley

Thomas Audley

Edward Seymour

John Dudley

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Tudor Men Quiz