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Tudor Events Quiz

How much do you know about the Tudor period and what happened when? Grab yourself a coffee and test yourself with this fun quiz. Good luck!

Tudor Events Quiz

Q1) Which of these things did not happen in 1536?

The First Act of Union (England and Wales) was passed

The death of Henry Fitzroy

The execution of William Tyndale

The Act of Supremacy was passed

Q2) In 1503, Elizabeth of York, wife of Henry VII, died, but which TWO of the following also happened in that year? Choose two.

Prince Arthur died

Princess Margaret married James IV of Scotland

Prince Henry became betrothed to Katherine of Aragon

Prince Arthur married Katherine of Aragon

Q3) Thomas Wolsey was named both cardinal and papal legate for life in 1515 - true or false?



Q4) In which year did Cardinal Campeggio arrive in England to try King Henry VIII's case for an annulment of his first marriage?





Q5) What happened to the Mary Rose, Henry VIII's favourite flagship, in 1545?

She was launched

She was completed

She was named

She sank

Q6) Which of these people was murdered in 1567?

Amy Robsart

David Rizzio

Henry Stuart

James Butler

Q7) In 1581 this man returned to London to finalise a marriage agreement with Queen Elizabeth I, only to see her back out of it. Who was he?

Erik of Sweden

Adolphus of Gottorp, Duke of Holstein

François, Duke of Alençon

Archduke Charles of Austria

Q8) True or false: Archbishp Cranmer and Bishops Ridley and Latimer (the three men known as the Oxford Martyrs) were all burned for heresy in 1555.



Q9) In which year did Queen Catherine Howard's sexual history come to light?





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Tudor Events Quiz