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Q1) Horseshoes came from a farrier, bows came from a bowyer, what did one buy from a stapler?



Medicines and herbs

Raw wool

Q2) If you had a rotten tooth which needed pulling, who would you visit?

The barber

The dentist

The apothecary

The cordwainer

Q3) How should one address a duke or duchess?

Your Majesty

Your Excellency

Your Grace

My liege

Q4) What was "breeching"?

Giving birth to a baby who was upside down

A form of hunting


The practice of moving little boys from wearing skirts to breeches

Q5) What grain was used for making Tudor ale?





Q6) Before the Reformation, how many days of the year were "fish days", i.e. no meat or poultry could be eaten?





Q7) What was/is the day after Halloween called?

The Feast of Mary the Blessed Virgin

Ascension Day

All Saints' Day

Corpus Christi

Q8) Midsummer's Eve was also the celebration of which saint?

John the Baptist


John the Apostle


The Virgin Mary

Q9) What is said to be the "national sport" of England in the Tudor era because it was practised every Sunday after church?





Q10) What are skirrets?

Cooking pots

Root vegetables

Rodents similar to squirrels


Q11) When did the Tudor New Year begin?

1st January

31st March

25th March

24th June

Q12) What was marchpane?

Glass used for stained glass windows


A fabric

A fruit

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  1. p

    still loving these quizzes! Let’s me pretend I actually know something! 🙂

    1. C - Post Author

      I’m glad you’re enjoying them. I have fun organising them and then using Tim as a test subject. He got 8/12 so not bad.

  2. C

    I guessed (and was lucky) on skirrets. Now I need to go and find some!

  3. D

    can’t believe I got the veg one wrong…being a gardener and all, lol!!

    1. C - Post Author

      And I thought of you as I wrote that one!

      1. D

        :)…got a right ‘beet-root’ face on now…

  4. d

    Really enjoying the quizes. 8/10 this time 🙂

  5. E

    Love these quizzes. Did better on this one

  6. S

    I started off so well !! Lol – got 7/12 this time.
    Love these quizzes!

  7. S

    I absolutely stink at the quizzes although I know quite a bit about Henry VIII and the Tudor life!!! Can’t wait for a new quiz 🙂

  8. e

    Just joins the society and did this test. Learned some new things which is why I joined!!!! Love quizzes

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