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Tudor House Arrest Quiz

Being under lockdown makes me empathise with those Tudor people who upset the monarch and were kept under house arrest. Some of them spent years under house arrest and some were never given their freedom back. It really doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

This week's Sunday quiz tests your knowledge of those Tudors who had to suffer this punishment. How much do you know about them, their circumstances and where they were kept? Test those little grey cells with this fun quiz - good luck!

Tudor House Arrest Quiz

Q1) Elizabeth I was kept under house arrest on a number of occasions before her accession to the throne, but where was she kept under house arrest in February 1549 with Sir Robert Tyrwhitt supervising?





Q2) In May 1554, Elizabeth was released from the Tower of London into house arrest at this place...


Somerset House



Q3) Lady Katherine Grey was imprisoned in the Tower of London for secretly marrying Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford, and then kept under house arrest at which of the following properties? Tick all that apply.

Cockfield Hall, Suffolk

Pirgo, Essex

Ingatestone Hall, Essex

Gosfield Hall, Essex

Q4) Following his release from the Tower, Katherine's husband, Hertford, was sent to his mother's home under house arrest. Which house was this?


Sudeley Castle

Somerset House


Q5) Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, was put under house arrest here following his desertion of duty in Ireland in 1599.

Essex House

Leicester House

Rotherfield Greys

York House

Q6) True or false: Lady Margaret Douglas, Henry VIII's niece, was kept at Syon Abbey under house arrest in 1536 after being released from the Tower of London due to her ill-health.



Q7) Thomas Thirlby, Bishop of Westminster and of Ely, died in 1570 under house arrest in this London property.

Greenwich Palace

Whitehall Palace

Lambeth Palace

Eltham Palace

Q8) This privy councillor and Lord Deputy of Ireland was kept under house arrest at Lord Burghley's house before being sent to the Tower of London after his enemies accused him of treason in 1590.

Robert Devereux

Charles Blount

Arthur Grey

John Perrot

Q9) True or false: Lady Mary Grey, sister of Lady Jane Grey, spent two years in house arrest at Chequers, in Buckinghamshire which is now the country residence of the Prime Minister of the UK?



Q10) True or false: Lady Mary Grey was still under house arrest at her death in 1578?



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Tudor House Arrest Quiz