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Tudor History Quiz

This week's quiz from Rebecca Larson is a general Tudor history quiz. Good luck and enjoy!

Tudor History Quiz

Q1) In which year was Elizabeth I born?





Q2) Elizabeth I wore a locket ring, it was discovered that inside the locket were two images: one some believe to be her mother, Anne Boleyn, but who does the other image depict?

Her father, Henry VIII

Robert Dudley

Elizabeth herself

The Duke of Anjou

Q3) Queen Mary I of England married Philip II of Spain. How were they related?

Philip was the brother of Catherine of Aragon

Philip was the grandson of Catherine of Aragon's sister, Juana

Philip was the son of Catherine of Aragon's sister, Isabella

Philip was the grandson of Catherine of Aragon's sister, Maria

Q4) Which Tudor queen consort's motto was, "Bound to Obey and Serve"?

Catherine of Aragon

Jane Seymour

Anne of Cleves

Catherine Parr

Q5) A young Henry VIII, when he was Prince of Wales, reacted strongly when this person died saying in a letter to Erasmus that it "appeared to reopen a wound which time had begun to heal"

John Morton

Philip I of Castile

Bernard Andre

John Skelton

Q6) After the death of Henry VIII, this man was named Lord Protector of the realm during the minority of his nephew, Edward VI

Thomas Seymour

John Seymour

Edward Seymour

Henry Seymour

Q7) Which queen consort of Henry VIII was married the most number of times?

Catherine of Aragon

Anne Boleyn

Anne of Cleves

Catherine Parr

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Tudor History Quiz