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Jane Seymour Quiz

This week, Rebecca tests our knowledge of Jane Seymour, second wife of Henry VIII and mother of Edward VI. Good luck!

Jane Seymour Quiz

Q1) Jane had several siblings,which of these was NOT a sibling?

Edward Seymour

Isabella Seymour

Elizabeth Seymour

Dorothy Seymour

Q2) Which of these women was Jane Seymour's mother?

Anne Cromwell

Margery Wentworth

Elizabeth Wolsey

Isabella Plantagenet

Q3) Jane Seymour died of postnatal complications after giving birth to the future Edward VI, but how many days after his birth did she die?





Q4) Which actress played Jane Seymour in "The Tudors" Season 3, the season where Jane died?

Natalie Dormer

Annabelle Wallis

Joss Stone

Anita Briem

Q5) How many days after the execution of Anne Boleyn did Henry marry Jane?





Q6) What was Jane Seymour's motto as queen?

To be useful in all that I do

Humble and loyal

Bound to obey and serve

No other will than his

Q7) Which of the following events happened while Jane was married to Henry?

Wyatt's Rebellion

Pilgrimage of Grace

Catherine of Aragon's death

Execution of Thomas More

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  1. L

    Slight mistake, Jane was Henry’s third wife not second.

  2. R

    I was just about to say the same. In the introduction it has Jane Seymour as Henry Viii Second wife instead of third. Two actresses played Jane in the Tudors.

  3. R

    This is literally the Tudor Society, I’m still at school and I know that she’s his third wife. I think I need to “test my knowledge” somewhere more advanced.

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Jane Seymour Quiz