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Tudor History Quiz 2

Today, Rebecca Larson brings us a second Tudor history quiz. Enjoy!

Tudor History Quiz 2

Q1) This person wrote "Utopia" and also opposed the Protestant Reformation.

Catherine Parr

Thomas Wyatt

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

Thomas More

Q2) Edward Seymour, brother of Jane Seymour and Lord Protector in the reign of Edward VI, was married twice, who was his FIRST wife?

Elizabeth Cromwell

Katherine Fillol

Anne Stanhope

Elizabeth Howard

Q3) Thomas Cromwell's son Gregory was married to this woman...

Jane Parker

Elizabeth Seymour

Dorothy Seymour

Margaret Douglas

Q4) Which two Tudor poets are known as the "Fathers of the English Sonnet"?

George Boleyn and Thomas Wyatt

Henry Howard and Thomas Wyatt

Thomas Vaux and Francis Bryan

Philip Sidney and Edmund Spencer

Q5) When Queen Elizabeth found out her cousin Lettice Knollys had married this man she demanded that she leave court....

Robert Dudley

Walter Raleigh

William Cecil

Christopher Hatton

Q6) Catherine of Aragon, while acting as regent in the absence of Henry VIII, was in charge of the English army (from a safe distance, of course) when this king was killed in battle...

King James III

King James IV

King James V

King Francis I

Q7) In 1536 which of the following people did NOT die?

Anne Boleyn

Henry Fitzroy

Catherine of Aragon

Thomas Wyatt

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Tudor History Quiz 2