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Tudor Dining, Table Manners and Etiquette Video

In this week's Claire Chats video I follow on from my videos about food by talking about Tudor dining, table manners and etiquette, or, as the Tudors called it, "courtesy".

In my video, I mention Wynkyn de Worde's 16th-century books on carving and courtesy and you can read these online on the Project Gutenberg website - The Book of Carving starts on p147 and the Book of Courtesy on p175. I would also recommend "The Babees Book or a ‘lytyl reporte’ of how young people should behave", which is also found at that link.

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  1. L

    Another very interesting video Claire, I really look forward to watching them

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you!

  2. K

    Loved this. So nice to get a picture of reality vs. what we imagine from movies and television — trenchers vs. golden plates and silver flatware! Claire chats are my favorite respite from the 21st Century world. Love your fresh new hair style too.

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you! I love doing the Claire Chats videos and I don’t get quite so nervous now.

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Tudor Dining, Table Manners and Etiquette Video