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Tudor Churchmen Quiz

How much do you know about the prominent churchmen of the Tudor period? Test yourself with this fun quiz.

Tudor Churchmen

Q1) Which of these church offices was the highest in England?

Archbishop of York

Archbishop of Canterbury

Bishop of London

Bishop of Lincoln

Q2) Who was the very first Archbishop of Canterbury, back in 597?





Q3) Who was Archbishop of Canterbury when Henry VII became king in 1485?

John Kemp

John Morton

William Warham

Thomas Bourchier

Q4) How many Archbishops of Canterbury were there in the Tudor period?





Q5) How many Archbishops of Canterbury were executed during the Tudor period?





Q6) What did Thomas Wolsey become in 1514?


Bishop of London

Papal legate

Archbishop of York

Q7) Which man only agreed to become Elizabeth I's Archbishop of Canterbury because he was "so much bound" to her mother Anne Boleyn?

Matthew Parker

Edmund Grindal

John Whitgift

Thomas Cranmer

Q8) What position did Matthew Parker hold before becoming Archbishop of Canterbury?

Bishop of Worcester

Bishop of London

Dean of Lincoln

Dean of Exeter

Q9) Which prominent churchman died on the same day as Mary I in 1558?

Cardinal Reginald Pole

Bishop Stephen Gardiner

Bishop Edmund Bonner

Bishop John Stokesley

Q10) Which former Bishop of London died in Marshalsea Prison in 1569?

Cuthbert Tunstall

John Stokesley

Edmund Bonner

Edwin Sandys

Q11) Which prominent churchman died in 1530 of dysentery while travelling to London to answer charges of treason?

William Warham

Stephen Gardiner

Thomas Goodrich

Thomas Wolsey

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Tudor Churchmen Quiz