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Treaties and Alliances Quiz

How much do you know about the treaties, alliances and agreements of the Tudor period? Test yourself with this fun quiz - good luck!

Treaties and Alliances

Q1) Which treaty was signed in 1502 between England and Scotland and saw Margaret Tudor, Henry VII's eldest daughter, being promised in marriage to James IV?

Treaty of Windsor

Treaty of London

Treaty of Westminster

Treaty of Perpetual Peace

Q2) Where was the Treaty of Perpetual Peace signed?

Richmond Palace

Greenwich Palace

Eltham Palace

Glasgow Cathedral

Q3) Who designed the Treaty of London?

Thomas More

Henry VIII

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey

Henry VII

Q4) Which countries were involved in the Treaty of London?

France and England

All the major powers in Europe

The Empire and England

England and Scotland

Q5) The Treaty of Windsor included a proposed marriage alliance - whose marriage was arranged?

Elizabeth, daughter of Henry VIII, and the Dauphin of France

Mary, daughter of Henry VIII and the Dauphin of France

Mary, sister of Henry VIII, and Louis XII of France

Mary, daughter of Henry VIII, and Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

Q6) Which Treaty of 1511 saw Henry VIII allying himself with his father-in-law Ferdinand II of Aragon against France?

Treaty of Westminster

Treaty of Madrid

Treaty of Greenwich

Treaty of Granada

Q7) Which treaty brought the Italian Wars to an end in 1559?

Treaty of Bruges

Treaty of Blois

Treaty of Rouen

The Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis

Q8) How many years of peace between England and Scotland were agreed on in the 1526 Treaty of Berwick?





Q9) Who were the main signatories of the 1572 Treaty of Blois?

Elizabeth I and Charles IX

Elizabeth I and Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor

Elizabeth I and Catherine de' Medici

Elizabeth I and Philip II of Spain

Q10) Which agreement of 1598 brought a temporary end to the French Wars of Religion?

Treaty of Amiens

The Edict of Nantes

Treaty of Versailles

Treaty of Fontainebleau

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Treaties and Alliances Quiz