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Tudor Bastards Quiz

Test your knowledge on the illegitimate children, and alleged illegitimate children, of prominent Tudor people with this fun quiz - good luck!

Tudor Bastards

Q1) Some historians believe that Roland de Veleville was the illegitimate son of which prominent Tudor man?

Henry VII

Henry VIII

Cardinal Wolsey

Stephen Gardiner

Q2) In some older history books, it is claimed that the mother of Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester, was the illegitimate daughter of....

Edmund Tudor

Edward IV

George, Duke of Clarence

Jasper Tudor

Q3) When an Englishman named Arthur was arrested in Santander in 1588, who did he claim his parents were?

Mary I and Philip II of Spain

Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves

Elizabeth I and Thomas Seymour

Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley

Q4) Which of the following is claimed by some historians to be an illegitimate child of Henry VIII?

Ethelreda Malte

Henry Carey

John Perrot

Thomas Stukeley

All of the above

Q5) Which prominent Tudor cleric was Joan Larke mistress to, providing him with at least two children?

Stephen Gardiner

Thomas Wolsey

Thomas Cranmer

William Warham

Q6) Henry Fitzroy, illegitimate son of Henry VIII by Elizabeth Blount, married which Tudor noblewoman in 1533?

Margaret Douglas

Mary Shelton

Katherine Willoughby

Mary Howard

Q7) Thomas Cromwell is said to have fathered an illegitimate daughter who was born c.1520-25, what was her name?





Q8) In his book on Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, Paul Streitz writes of Oxford being responsible for the works of William Shakespeare, but who does he believe his parents to have been?

Elizabeth I and Thomas Seymour

John de Vere and Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I and Christopher Marlowe

Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley

Q9) Explorer and cartographer Robert Dudley was the son of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and ......

Lettice Knollys

Elizabeth Throckmorton

Douglas Sheffield

Amy Robsart

Q10) Arthur Plantagenet, 1st Viscount Lisle and Lord Deputy of Calais in the reign of Henry VIII, was the illegitimate son of....

George, Duke of Clarence

Richard III

John de la Pole

Edward IV

Q11) Historian Elizabeth Norton believes that Henry VIII's mistress had two illegitimate children by Henry VIII, one was Henry Fitzroy and the other was....

Elizabeth Tailboys

George Tailboys

Bridget Dymoke

Catherine Clinton

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Tudor Bastards Quiz