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Quiz – Tudor and Plantagenet Myths, Legends and Tall Stories

Tudor and Plantagenet myths and legends

Q1) The Bisley Boy legend, which claims that Elizabeth I died as a child and was replaced with a boy from the village of Bisley, was popularised in the writings of which author?

Bram Stoker

Walter Scott

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Lord Byron

Q2) Which monarch did some late 16th century and 17th century writers claim was born by caesarean section?

Richard III

Edward IV

Edward VI

Henry VIII

Q3) According to legend, which part of Anne Boleyn is buried at St Mary's Church, Erwarton, Suffolk?

Her head

Her heart

Her extra finger

Her entrails

Q4) Some people claim that Edward IV was not fathered by Richard of York but by an archer named...





Q5) In 1533, Elizabeth Amadas linked Henry VIII to which ancient prophecy?


The return of King Arthur

King Ahab


Q6) According to popular myth, who composed Greensleeves?

Thomas Wyatt

Anne Boleyn

George Boleyn

Henry VIII

Q7) Whose words "God provided for her corpse sacred burial, even in a place as it were consecrate to innocence" have been used to back up the legend that Anne Boleyn's body was moved from the Tower of London to Salle Church in Norfolk?

Henry Howard

Thomas Wyatt

Thomas Vaux

Alexander Alesius

Q8) According to legend, Elizabeth Woodville was descended from Mélusine, a spirit of...


The sea


Fresh water

Q9) According to rumours, Edward VI was poisoned to death, but who was the poisoner?

John Dudley

Henry Grey

Frances Grey (nee Brandon)

His half-sister Mary

Q10) Sir Thomas Chaloner claimed that which Tudor woman was pregnant at her execution?

Anne Boleyn

Lady Jane Grey

Katherine Howard

Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford

Q11) Who was born at Winchester because it was thought to be the location of the legendary Camelot?

Henry VIII

Henry VII

Edward VI

Arthur Tudor

Q12) The mouldwarp prophecy was linked to Henry VIII in 1533 and during the Pilgrimage of Grace, but what creature was a mouldwarp?

A serpent

A basilisk

A mole

A goat

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    Love these quizzes. 🙂

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      Thank you!

  2. L

    Seems a strange idea, that the idea or rather I should say the myth of Jane Seymour having a caesarean section was thrown around to discredit the king? Surely given his behaviour with his first 2 marriages, was more than enough to show the world what a totally nasty piece of work he truly was?

  3. L

    I thought it was an archer named Claybourne?

    1. C - Post Author


  4. L

    Getting a little better with quizzes

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Quiz – Tudor and Plantagenet Myths, Legends and Tall Stories