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Transcript of Princes in the Tower Live Chat

Thanks to all who attended our live chat on the Princes in the Tower last night and a big thank you to Olga Hughes for running it. It was great fun and I think we could have gone on for hours!

Here is the transcript of the chat, for those who weren't able to make it:

Princes in the Tower Live Chat Transcript

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  1. R /

    Can someone please tell me am I doing something wrong as I could not post on the chat last night? I was signed in and the comment box was up and I could see what I put but there was 👎no post comment button, so how do you take part in the chat?


    1. < / Post Author

      I’m so sorry that you had problems participating. After you’ve written something in the comment box you press “return”/”enter” on your keyboard and then your comment goes live. If the chatroom is busy then it sometimes takes a few seconds to show up on the chat but it will get posted.
      We have a chat this Friday night on Jane Seymour if you can make it.
      Best Wishes,

      1. R /

        Thanks, Claire, will tune in. Enjoyed just the same.

  2. T /

    Hi Claire and everyone and all the members of the Tudor Society. Thank you for posting the transcript of the Princes in the Tower. I rather say it was extremely confusing because everyone was asking questions and making comments at the same time that I didn’t know what answer to what question I was reading. Nobody seemed to have time to wait until the first question was answered and asked more questions on top of that and the answers were scattered and just confusing. I love the Tudor site and as you , I have questions but maybe there can be a better way to have these chats without it being so all,over the place , do you know what I mean.?

    Thank you

    1. < / Post Author

      Hi Tisha,
      The thing with a live chat is that people don’t know another person is asking a question when they’re typing their one, so you get lots of cross posts. If you’re actually there live it makes a lot more sense and it’s great fun, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. You know the question you asked so you know to look out for the answer, and with our expert chats (once a month following the expert talk) the historian answers them in order. This wasn’t a Q&A style formal chat session, though, it wasn’t an expert talk live chat like we have with guest authors/historians after their video talk/slideshow, it was an informal debate so the aim of it was everyone to pile in and pose questions to each other, and to discuss. The expert live chats following the monthly talks are a bit different in style, more formal, with questions being aimed at one person (the guest author/expert) and answers coming from the historian with names attached to them, e.g. @Claire, so you know who the answer is aimed at. This was an informal discussion rather than a Q&A and Olga was kind enough to act as moderator for the session and did a wonderful job at keeping things on track.

      Hope that makes sense and I hope you can make the one on Friday, that’s a formal one with author Janet Wertman. We have only just introduced the informal discussion ones and are tryng to do one of those a month on top of the expert ones, which are also once a month. Perhaps the formal Q&A ones would suit you more than the informal discussion/debate ones. Both are fun but are very different in style.

      Have you been on the forum at all? I don’t have a lot of time to get on it, but there are always fantastic discussions going on there.

      Best Wishes,


      1. T /

        Thank you for explaining , now I understand. I do visit the forum and have asked many questions which I enjoy receiving an answer from all theses at the Tudow Society. Love this site!!

        Thanks again Claire

        1. < / Post Author

          That’s ok. I hope you can come to the chat with Janet Wertman on Jane Seymour on Friday!

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Transcript of Princes in the Tower Live Chat