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Transcript of Janet Wertman live chat

janet_live_chatWe had an excellent live chat last night with Janet Wertman and had a wonderful lot of people in the chatroom. It was a lively and relaxed chat about Jane Seymour, and we really enjoyed it.

Here's the transcript of our chat for those who missed it live!

Transcript of the Janet Wertman Livechat

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  1. C

    Sounds like a very interesting talk. I wonder if anyone has come across this website’s exploration of how Jane Seymour is presented in novels about Anne Boleyn? Very intriguing – perhaps unsurprisingly, Jane is largely depicted in negative terms in these novels.

  2. M

    After reading the transcript, I’m more intrigued than ever about Jane. I’ve had moments where I thought of her and Anne as kindred spirits. On the one hand, possibly being used as pawns by their respective families, or as ambitious, once they were drawn into Henry’s web. Did either of them truly love the man, or just what he represented? I do believe in my heart of hearts, that Jane would have gone the way of the others had she not borne Henry a son, and died because of it. She wasn’t around long enough for him to tire of, so she became the “perfect woman” in his eyes. Had Anne borne him a son, she would have been the “perfect woman” and untouchable by her enemies. He would have had to ship her off somewhere (like Eleanor of Aquitaine) so he could womanize in peace, but she would have kept her head.
    I must add this book to my list!

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Transcript of Janet Wertman live chat