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Torture and Executions Quiz

A quiz that might just put you off those tempting Christmas choccies!

Executions and Torture

Q1) Jesuit priest and martyr Edmund Campion was unable to raise his hand to swear at his trial because...

His right hand had been amputated.

His hand had been severely damaged by the use of thumbscrews.

He had been racked several times.

He had been hung from his wrists from a post and could no longer move his hands.

Q2) Which Protestant martyr thrust his right hand into the flames when he was being burned at the stake to punish it for writing recantations?

Thomas Cranmer

James Bainham

Robert Barnes

Hugh Latimer

Q3) According to the indictments, what crimes was Anne Boleyn charged with in May 1536?

Adultery, incest, plotting to kill the King and witchcraft

Adultery, incest and plotting to kill the King

Adultery, incest and passing another man's child off as the King's

Witchcraft and incest

Q4) Who were the Oxford Martyrs?

John Bland, John Frankesh, Nicholas Sheterden and Humphrey Middleton

John Rogers, Lawrence Saunders and John Hooper

Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley and Thomas Cranmer

William Bamford and Thomas Ormond

Q5) How many Carthusian monks were executed between 1535 and 1536?





Q6) Richard Roose was boiled to death on 5th April 1531 for high treason, but what was he found guilty of doing?

Poisoning the household of Cardinal Wolsey.

Poisoning the household of Thomas More.

Poisoning the household of John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester.

Poisoning the household of John Stokesley, Bishop of London.

Q7) In what year was the last execution at the Tower of London





Q8) Margaret Pole, Countess of Salibury, was executed in May 1541 because of her association with her son, Cardinal Reginald Pole, but who was her father?

Sir Richard Pole

Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick

George, Duke of Clarence

Edward IV

Q9) In whose reign was Margaret Clitherow was pressed to death under seven or eight hundredweight at the toll-booth on the bridge over the River Ouse in York?

Elizabeth I's

Mary I's

Henry VIII's

Edward VI's

Q10) How many Protestants are said to have been burned during Mary I's reign?





Q11) Who was hanged in chains in York in July 1537?

Francis Bigod

Robert Aske

Thomas Darcy

Robert Constable

Q12) Three brass triangles mounted on the pavement on an island in the middle of Edgware Road (at its junction with Bayswater Road) mark the spot of what?

The Marion burnings

The Tyburn Tree

The place of execution of Guy Fawkes

The execution of Charles I

Q13) Smithfield is known for being the place where Protestants were burned during Mary I's reign but what else was it known for?

Its book shops and book trade

Being a haunt of lawyers and surgeons

Its meat market

Its cloth market

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  1. L

    I’m glad you mentioned Josef Jacobs, Claire. I had a lot of fun with with my son’s history teacher over this one. His homework being that he had to write about someone held at the Tower, well we all know who was held there. Elizabeth (during Mary Tulip’s reign) Queen Jane Grey, Margaret Pole, Anne Boleyn etc. Even the Kray twins were held in cells either side of the bell tower, not to mention Rudolph Hess. Anyway I started to a little digging and Josef Jacobs popped out, so I gave my son all the details, and let him do his bit. The history teacher gave my so a detention and accused him of making up the story. So I went down there, with the information I had on Josef and confronted her, and the headmaster about it. For some reason she went very red faced, and quickly said that my son’s detention was a mistake, and she could see how hard he worked etc, and actually gave him a merit mark in front of the headmaster. I told her quite bluntly, that if she intended to teach History for a living, it might be wise to at least have a good grounding in the subject to start with.
    She left at the end of term, I can’t think why? but it was rumoured that the headmaster dispenced with her services, due to her obvious inability to teach the subject she had been employed for.

    1. C - Post Author

      Why on earth did she give him a detention? That’s bizarre.

      1. L

        She would give out detentions, just because she could, I think. Either way she really didn’t have a clue when it came to teaching. A good teacher listens to the point of view expressed by the pupils, and will try to make classes both informative and fun. Sadly she hadn’t a clue, I think I could have wiped the floor with her several times if given the oppotunity to sit in on one of her classes, and although I’m not that clever, the kids may have learnt more from me in one lesson that they did in one term under her care.

        1. C - Post Author

          It’s ridiculous to give a child a detention like that. It’s not exactly hard to check up on the facts, a basic Google search would have alerted her to the fact that the homework was accurate. As an ex-teacher, I know the power that teachers have and it’s so easy for a bad teacher to turn children off a subject. Your son is lucky that he’s got you.

          1. B

            Wow… even had your son been inaccurate, a detention is harsh. Instead it would have been a “teachable moment”. The fact he was correct magnified things all the more. I find the vast majority of teachers commendable, but as in all employment, some people are just not cut out for the job.

            I recall a teacher giving out an assignment to write a report about a “king or queen” from history. I decided to write a report about Jane Dudley. My teacher told be do the report over, stating that ” Lady Jane Grey was not a queen.” I copped an attitude, replying, “I beg to differ. Jane Dudley certainly was a queen — want me to prove it?” I got a detention too, not for the “wrongful report”, but because of my “flip mouth.” I guess some things never change…lol

  2. L

    A very off the latch idea has just popped into my head, since you have mentioned Queen Jane, Beth.
    Couldn’t Matilda daughter on Henry 1st also be named as Queen, as during her father’s lifetime, he had made his nobels swear their allegience to Matilda, that upon his death they would support her rights to the throne of England.
    Granted it didn’t work out that way, but for a breif period of time she was accepted as Queen.

  3. L

    She was known as the “Lady of the English” instead of Queen, but personally I do feel she should have had the title of Queen.

  4. L

    As you have mention Kit Marlow in this Quiz Claire. I love the book Tamberline.
    If I have remembered it rightly, the old saying “an eye for an eye” is revelant, as I believe Kit was actually shot through the eye.
    I have mentioned this whimisical little titbit on our sister site.
    William Shakespeare, had a friend called called Richard, and they both fancied the same girl. Well one night William found out that Richard was going to see this girl after the show, so he decided to do put a spanner in the works. William managed to forstall Richard somehow and offered to walk the girl home. When they got there she offered William a tankard of mead and one thing led to another, and William and the girl ended up playing tiddlywinks in bed.
    Finally Richard managed to get away from work, and went to the girl’s house. After knocking the door a few times a very dishevelled Shakespeare appeared at the window. Richard naturally was annoyed but before he had chance to say anything Shakespeare said “William came before Richard so you can F*** off.”

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