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Thomas Cromwell: Is there more to learn? – Caroline Angus – Expert Talk

Thanks to Caroline Angus, author of the Queenmaker Series, for joining us this month with an amazing talk about Thomas Cromwell. Caroline poses the question ... is there anything more to learn? And, I'm sure you'll soon discover that the answer is a resounding ... well, you should watch the video to find out!

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  1. M

    Thank you for a wonderful, very informative, interesting video! I appreciate your time. I’m very interested in Cromwell, and your talk was eye opening. I’m much looking forward to your book about his letters, too, and I’ll keep an eye out for it. Thanks again! Michelle t

  2. R

    Thank you Caroline, this is a very insightful presentation on an intimate letters and personal character of Thomas Cromwell. I have read the letters but its beautiful to put them into context and I am looking forward to your book. I still believe Cromwell was a tough guy but we have to remember he was the King’s servant and we have to see his actions in the context of giving Henry wealth, the wife he wanted, the reformation, the political changes of the day and everything else which was turning England and the Low Countries upside down. He has been misunderstood and having recently read McCullough and Schofield you see a much deeper and human Cromwell. I can imagine him as a scribbler with many lists and notes. At the end of the day he was the right man for the job Henry Viii wanted to do. Cheers for a wonderful video.

  3. B

    Very well done, Caroline. I have enjoyed studying TC, and believe he was a real, practical genius. I look forward to our chat room talk tomorrow!! And I look forward to your book of letters.

  4. L

    I agree with the above. Thank you so much for the information!

  5. T

    I love Thomas Cromwell. He is so interesting. I thinks he gets a bad rap today. 🤔

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Thomas Cromwell: Is there more to learn? – Caroline Angus – Expert Talk