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This week’s quiz

This week's quiz is a general Tudor history quiz and is the perfect way to start your Sunday. Good luck and have fun!

Tudor History Quiz - 30 April

Q1) Which of the following queens only married once?

Mary Stuart

Katherine of Aragon

Elizabeth of York

Katherine Parr

Q2) Which of the following did NOT hold the office of Lord Privy Seal during the reign of the Tudor monarchs (1485-1603)?

John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford

Henry Howard, 1st Earl of Northampton

William FitzWilliam, 1st Earl of Southampton

Thomas Boleyn, 1st Earl of Wiltshire

Q3) What did the term "Chapel Royal" refer to?

A chapel for only royals to pray in

A special company of male singers and musicians maintained by the Crown

A royal residence for men of the cloth

A book

Q4) Which of the following was not a popular form of Tudor entertainment/animal sport that took place in an arena?

Bull baiting

Bear baiting

Horse racing

Cock fighting

Q5) The death of this Cardinal in 1594 left the Catholic mission and the Catholic community in England without a leader or a clear direction for the future.

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey

Cardinal William Allen

Cardinal Reginald Pole

Cardinal Lorenzo Campeggio

Q6) Bishop of London, John Aylmer, was one of the most important and powerful officials of the Anglican Church - he also was a tutor to which royal?

Margaret Douglas

Edward VI

Lady Jane Grey

Frances Brandon

Q7) This Cardinal was appointed by Henry VIII in April 1509 as ambassador to the court of Pope Julius II.

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey

Cardinal William Allen

Cardinal Reginald Pole

Cardinal Christopher Bainbridge

Q8) True or false: Henry VIII had a warship named the Peter Pomegranate.



Q9) This lady served Mary Tudor (future Mary I) and Anne Boleyn, and was thrown in the Tower in 1536 and then again in 1566...

Margaret Douglas

Jane Boleyn

Lettice Knollys

Elizabeth Throckmorton

Q10) Whose reign was Mark Twain talking about when he described it as "a singularly merciful one for those harsh times"?

Henry VIII's

Edward VI's

Elizabeth I's

Henry VII's

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This week’s quiz