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The Last Battle – Julian Humphrys – Expert Talk

This month's expert is Julian Humphrys and you'll learn all about the Battle of Stoke Field, the last battle of the Wars of the Roses. How did it relate to Henry Tudor and Lambert Simnel? Find out in this month's talk.

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  1. R

    The sources actually don’t call him Edward vi, except for one obscure entry into the York Books, which looks altered. The official story had that he was meant to be Edward of Warwick but other sources indicate he may have been Edward V or even call him John. His proper identity wasn’t very clear and other historians still debate because John de la Pole had a legitimate claim, Warwick was still barred. I think Simnel was a plant. I think Lincoln was using smoke and mirrors, he was the real leader, unless he had someone else hidden and this kid was the PR for them. I don’t think it was at all clear nor can be over 500 years later.

    1. J

      Yep. As I said in the talk, I think that ‘Lambert Simnel’ was a stalking horse for John de la Pole.

  2. R

    Thanks for your wonderful and detailed talk. I have read a couple of books on Stoke Field, including an ancient one from 1987 and a more recent one by the late David Baldwin. I am interested to know if you have written a book on the Battle or are writing one at the moment.



  3. J

    Hi there

    I covered it a few years back as a chapter in my Clash of Arms but in my opinion the sources don’t really allow for a whole new book on the battle itself – you’d end up with a lot of introduction, and even more speculation and I’m not into that. But my good pal Nathen Amin has just finished a book on Simnel and Warbeck and it should be out soon.

  4. R

    Really enjoyed the chat yesterday and this talk. Thanks for your insights and reply. Wasn’t it wonderfully confusing as to whom this boy was meant to be? I love the confusion of history.

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The Last Battle – Julian Humphrys – Expert Talk