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The extraordinary story of the Anne of Cleves Panels – Sarah Morris – Expert Talk

We are thrilled to have Sarah Morris with us this month as our guest expert. Sarah talks about the Anne of Cleves panels and that fact turned out to be stranger than fiction ... enjoy!

Sarah will be joining us in the Tudor Society chatroom on Saturday 28th September for a Q&A session. Here are the times in different time zones. Note: the chat will be earlier than normal.

  • London, UK - 28th September at 8pm
  • Madrid, Spain - 28th September at 9pm
  • New York, USA - 28th September at 3pm
  • Los Angeles, USA - 28th September at 12pm
  • Adelaide, Australia - 28th September at 4.30am
  • Sydney, Australia - 28th September at 5am

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  1. M

    Thank you for your expert chat! I appreciate the time you took to share. It was fascinating! Michelle t

  2. R

    Anne of Cleves wasn’t divorced because of her looks or body odour but because of the changing political situation in the relations between the territories of Cleves and the Empire over Guelders. Henry was in a territorial hot house, the marriage was actually no longer desired politically or personally. Henry fancied Katherine Howard and ordered Thomas Cromwell to invent a case to get her out of this marriage.

    I saw the article and video on the Anne Boleyn files with Jonathan Foyle who authenticated these panels. They are real panels ordered by Anne of Cleves and show the luxurious life Anne had by her life as an independent Duchess in Marian England.

  3. R

    Thank you for this beautiful journey to understand the collection of Anne of Kleve panels. Are you going to write a book on the panels?

  4. J

    What an amazing story. Thanks so much for sharing. I had no idea about these panels. I love that there’s still so much for me to learn about the Tudors. The collector who bought the panel at auction is indeed a lucky one!

  5. S

    This was simply a joy to listen to!!….What a lovely discovery…..Where are the panels now?….Has anything happened to the panels in the church?…Anything new arise…any new panels…any new artifacts?….Anything new on Anne of Cleves…how she lived her days…her faith…her friends….her homes…her tastes…what did she like to eat…how did she like to dress?….how were her opinions about the wives which came after her….did she ever express any?….even AFTER Henry VIII died?….amazing find and an amazing woman…who was truely perhaps the luckiest and happiest of any of his wives…..Thank You!!

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The extraordinary story of the Anne of Cleves Panels – Sarah Morris – Expert Talk