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The Dudley Family Quiz

This week's Sunday quiz tests your knowledge of one of my very favourite Tudor families, the Dudleys.

How much do you know about them?

Find out in this fun quiz!

The Dudley Family Quiz

Q1) Guildford Dudley was a son of John Dudley, but where did his name "Guildford" come from?

It was his mother's maiden name

He was born in Guildford in Surrey

He was conceived at Guildford

His father's mother was a Guildford

Q2) In 1551, John Dudley was made Duke of Northumberland, but what was his title before that?

Earl of Arundel

Marquess of Northampton

Earl of Leicester

Earl of Warwick

Q3) True or false: John Dudley's father was Edmund Dudley, a man who was executed for high treason in 1510?



Q4) Ambrose Dudley, son of John Dudley, was married three times - Anne Whorwood, Elizabeth Tailboys and Anne Russell. Historian Elizabeth Norton believes that his second wife might actually have been fathered by this man ....

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk

Ambrose's own father, John Dudley

Thomas Cromwell

Henry VIII

Q5) Guildford Dudley married Lady Jane Grey on 25th May 1553 in a triple wedding ceremony. What was the name of his sister who also got married on this day?





Q6) True or false: John Dudley's daughter, Mary, was the mother of Tudor poets Philip and Robert Sidney?



Q7) Members of the Dudley family were imprisoned in the Tower of London after the fall of Lady Jane Grey in summer 1553. There is a carving is the Beauchamp Tower with flowers/plants to represent their names - roses for Ambrose Dudley, honeysuckle for Henry Dudley (Lonicera henryi) and Gilly Flower for Guildford Dudley, but what was used for Robert Dudley?

Lilies of the Valley


A vine and grapes

Oak leaves and acorns

Q8) Robert Dudley, son of John Dudley, was married twice. His first wife was Amy Robsart, but who was his second wife?

Elizabeth Throckmorton

Lettice Knollys

Catherine Carey

Frances Walsingham

Q9) Robert Dudley had two sons, both named Robert. Who was the mother of explorer and cartographer Sir Robert Dudley?

Lettice Knollys

Douglas Sheffield

Amy Robsart

Alice Leigh

Q10) John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, was executed in the reign of Queen Mary I, but on which date?

23 February 1554

12 February 1554

22 September 1553

22 August 1553

Q11) True or false: Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and his 4-year-old son, Robert, were buried in Westminster Abbey?



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  1. M

    I’ve been curious about the Dudleys for a while now. Specifically, how did he become duke of Northumberland? I thought it was the Percys for generations? Did Henry Percy not have an heir when he died in 1536? There wasn’t some nephew or second cousin? Or there was and it somehow came to the Dudleys later? Thanks. Michelle t

  2. R

    Michael, hi, the Earldom became vacant because Henry Percy didn’t leave an heir but gave it to the crown when he died in 1537, leaving it to Henry Viii, firstly on condition that it was given to his nephew, the future 7th Earl and martyr, Blessed Thomas Percy. He then changed it to unconditional when his brother, also Thomas Percy was attainted after the Pilgrimage of Grace. The title was held in the gift of the crown until 1557 when it was restored to the Percy family. John Dudley was made Duke of Northumberland in 1551 but of course that was ended with his execution in 1553 and the family gained all of their lands and the Earldom back under Queen Mary.

  3. M

    Thank you, Real Tudor Lady!

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The Dudley Family Quiz