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The Château de Blois

I've finally managed to go through my photos of the Château de Blois so here is a Claire Chats video on the Château de Blois, along with galleries of my photos. I hope you enjoy browsing through them.

Château de Blois External: Louis XII Gothic Wing (1498-1500), Francis I Renaissance Wing (1515-1518)

Château de Blois External: Plaque to Joan of Arc, and The Gaston of Orleans Classical wing (1635-1638)

The Salle des États Généraux, or the Hall of the States General:

The Architecture and Interpretation Rooms - These contain original stonework removed during restoration:

The Council Chamber:

The King's Bedchamber:

The King's Hall:

The Queen's Chamber:

The Queen's Gallery:

The Valois Rooms:

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You can click here for my Claire Chats on Amboise and here for my Claire Chats on Francis I of France.

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The Château de Blois