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Some Tudor music for you!

This Friday, Claire shares some beautiful 16th century music. It's so lovely to have on in the background when you're working, cooking or relaxing.

On 6 December on the Anne Boleyn Files Advent calendar, Roberto Lorenzo shared some music from his album “Music for Elizabeth” - click here to enjoy that now. On Spotify and Amazon, you can also find his Music for Anne Boleyn, which is beautiful.

Part 1 of Elizabethan instrumental music (1580-1600)

Part 2 of Elizabethan instrumental music: Thomas Morley’s Canzonets (1585-1600)

Part 3 of Elizabethan instrumental music: John Dowland's consort and lute music (1590-1605)

Part 4 of Instrumental music in the late Elizabethan era (c.1580-1600)

Part 5 of Elizabethan instrumental music: Anthony Holborne's Pavans and Galliards (1599)

The Best of Tallis

William Byrd: Mass for 4 Voices, The King's Singers

John Bull (c. 1562 - 1628) - Fantasy for keyboard

Tudor and Renaissance Music, vol.2 (1450-1600)

Tudor and Renaissance Music vol.3 (1450-1600)

Tudor and Renaissance Music vol.4 (1450-1600)

Resources on Tudor music:

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Some Tudor music for you!