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Quiz – The Fall of Catherine Howard

As today is the anniversary of King Henry VIII abandoning his fifth wife, Catherine Howard, at Hampton Court Palace after allegations had been made against her, I thought I'd share this quiz from our archives.

How much do you know about Catherine Howard's fall?

Test yourself with this fun quiz.

The Fall of Catherine Howard

Q1) In which year did Henry VIII take Catherine Howard as his fifth wife?





Q2) How did Henry VIII come into contact with Catherine Howard?

Charles Brandon and Edward Seymour found her for him

She was in Anne of Cleves' household

He visited the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk's house

The Duke of Norfolk introduced Henry to his niece

Q3) Who was the first man Catherine was said to have been involved with sexually?

Henry Manox

Francis Dereham

Thomas Culpeper

John Lassells

Q4) Who brought news of Catherine's sexual history to Archbishop of Cranmer?

Mary Hall

Joan Bulmer

John Lassells

Francis Dereham

Q5) On which feast day did Archbishop Cranmer leave a letter for Henry VIII in the Holy Day Closet at Hampton Court Palace?

All Souls' Day

All Saints' Day



Q6) Francis Dereham, Catherine's former lover, was serving in the Queen's household in 1541, but what was his position?


Master of the Horse

Lord Chamberlain


Q7) In which of these properties is Catherine alleged to have met with Thomas Culpeper during the 1541 progress to the north?

The Bishop's Palace, Lincoln

Henry VIII's manor at Hatfield

Gainsborough Old Hall

All of the above

Q8) On 11th November 1541, Catherine Howard was moved from Hampton Court Palace to .............................

Tower of London

Syon House

Guildhall for her trial

Greenwich Palace

Q9) On which date were Thomas Culpeper and Francis Dereham executed?

1 December 1541

8 December 1541

10 December 1541

11 December 1541

Q10) Which prominent Tudor person was committed to the Tower of London and accused of misprision of treason on 11th December 1541?

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury

Agnes Tilney, Dowager Duchess of Norfolk

Q11) Catherine was found guilty of treason by Bill of Attainder and beheaded on 13th February 1542, who was executed with her?

Joan Bulmer

Jane Boleyn


Alice Restwold

Q12) Which questionable source has Catherine Howard saying "I die a Queen, but I would rather have died the wife of Culpeper" at her execution?

Nicholas Sander

The Chronicle of Calais

Francis Bacon

The Spanish Chronicle

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Quiz – The Fall of Catherine Howard