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Quiz – September Tudor Events Part 2

How much attention have you been paying to the daily "on this day" posts and videos here on the Tudor Society?

Test your knowledge of September Tudor events with this fun quiz. Good luck!


#1. On 30th September 1544, Henry VIII returned to England after capturing which town?

#2. Henry VIII entered this place on 16th September 1541 while on progress.

#3. Protestant martyrs Robert Glover and Cornelius Bungey were burnt here on 19th September 1555.

#4. Where was Amy Dudley (née Robsart) buried on 22nd September 1560?

#5. Elizabeth I caused a stir when she did this while making Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester on 29th September 1564.

#6. Catherine of Aragon departed from this Spanish port on 27th September 1501 bound for England to marry Arthur Tudor.

#7. On 26th September 1580, Sir Francis Drake arrived at the port of Plymouth in the Golden Hind after his circumnavigation of the globe, but what was the ship's original name?

#8. Catholic priest William Spenser was executed at York on 24th September 1589 with this person who was executed for harbouring him.

#9. Walter Devereux, 1st Viscount Hereford, died at his seat at ........... on 17th September 1558.

#10. This scholar refounded St Paul's School and was a friend of Erasmus.


Click here to do Part 1.

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Quiz – September Tudor Events Part 2