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Quiz – September Tudor Events Part 1

This week's quiz tests your knowledge of events that happened in the first half of September in the Tudor period. All these events have been written/talked about here on the Tudor Society, so browsing the site might just help you.

Good luck!


#1. On 1st September 1532, Henry VIII made Anne Boleyn Marquess of Pembroke, but where did the ceremony take place?

#2. Which title did Gerald Fitzgerald, a man who died in the Tower on 2nd September 1534, hold?

#3. Richard Tarlton, who died on 3rd September 1588, was famous for being ......

#4. Robert Dudley died on 4th September but in which year?

#5. In which prison did Bishop Edmund Bonner die on 5th September 1569?

#6. Timothy Bright, who was buried on 6th September 1615, invented this during the Tudor period...

#7. On 11th September 1572, which pope ordered celebrations for the St Bartholomew's Day Massacre and the Battle of Lepanto?

#8. In which English county was William Cecil born on 13th September 1520?

#9. Which of these people was Sir William Kingston, who died on 14th September 1540, in charge of as prisoners?

#10. John Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury and Chancellor to Henry VII, died at Knole on 15th September 1500 of this...


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Quiz – September Tudor Events Part 1