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King Richard III Quiz

As it was the anniversary of King Richard III's birth on Friday (2nd October), I thought I'd test your knowledge of this English king, the last of the Plantagenet rulers and a man who was, of course, killed at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 while he was fighting against the troops of Henry Tudor, who became King Henry VII.

How much do you know about King Richard III?

Well, you can test yourself with this fun quiz. Good luck!


#1. Richard III was born on 2nd October 1452, but where was he born?

#2. True or false: Richard was younger than his brother, Edward IV, but older than his brother, George, Duke of Clarence?

#3. True or false: In 1461, as part of Edward IV's coronation celebrations, Richard was made Duke of Gloucester, a Knight of the Garter and a Knight of the Bath.

#4. Richard's wife, Anne, whom he married in 1472, was the daughter of this man.

#5. Richard served as Lord President of this council from 1472 until his accession.

#6. In April 1483, Richard was named .......

#7. Richard used this as one of his London homes following his appointment as Lord Protector.

#8. True or false: the Titulus Regius of 1484 stated that the marriage of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville was invalid.

#9. Richard III was crowned at Westminster Abbey on this date.

#10. True or false: Richard and his wife Anne were crowned together in a joint coronation ceremony by Thomas Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury.

#11. This man rebelled against Richard III in 1483.

#12. Before he was killed at the Battle of Bosworth, Richard managed to kill this man, who was acting as Henry Tudor's standard bearer.


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King Richard III Quiz