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Quiz – Mary I’s ladies

How much do you know about the ladies who served Mary throughout her life, from when she was a princess, through her being the illegitimate Lady Mary, and then on to her time as queen? Test yourself with today's quiz. Good luck!

Mary I's ladies

Q1) In 1543, this lady joined the household of Lady Mary Tudor, only to be thrust into the spotlight by a man on a mission.

Frances Baynham

Catherine Parr

Eleanor Browne

Anne Rede

Q2) This lady served in the household of Princess Mary and her husband was a royal physican.

Margaret Bourchier

Eleanor Browne

Kat Ashley

Margaret Bacon

Q3) This lady was at one point thought to have been a mistress and a potential queen consort to Henry VIII. She left court during the reign of Edward VI and the returned to serve Queen Mary as a lady of the privy chamber.

Mary Boleyn

Anne Bassett

Elizabeth Blount

Elizabeth Bassett

Q4) Jane Dormer was a close confidant of Queen Mary and eventually became the wife of the Count of Féria. Prior to marrying the count, she was considered as a match for all of the following EXCEPT this one:

The Earl of Devon

The Duke of Buckingham

The Duke of Norfolk

The Earl of Nottingham

Q5) This lady was a gentlewoman to Anne Stanhope until 1537 and then served Queen Jane Seymour. She later served a member of Queen Mary's household.

Isabel Legh

Jane Dormer

Catherine Luttrell

Elizabeth Jerningham

Q6) What was the name of Queen Mary's fool? "_______the Fool"





Q7) This lady may have been put in charge of Princess Mary's household as early as 1531 when she was separated from her mother (Katherine of Aragon). She was sometimes referred to as Lady Herbert and other times Lady Troy.

Blanche Milborne

Frances Neville

Anne Morgan

Anne Radcliffe

Q8) This lady was the granddaughter of Sir Thomas More and served as a gentlewoman of Queen Mary's privy chamber. What was her name?

Margaret Roper

Anne Roper

Mary Roper

Elizabeth Roper

Q9) This lady served Princess Mary in Wales and was the daughter of a lady called Anne Boleyn, a relative of Queen Anne Boleyn.

Anne Shelton

Anne Somerset

Anne Parr

Anne Radcliffe

Q10) True or False: In order to be in Queen Mary's household her women were required to speak English, French, Spanish and Latin?



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Quiz – Mary I’s ladies