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Quiz – Mary Boleyn’s Family

How much do you know about the family of Mary Boleyn, sister of Queen Anne Boleyn and mistress to King Henry VIII?

Test yourself with this fun quiz.


#1. How many children did Mary have while she was married to her first husband, William Carey?

#2. True or false: Catherine Carey was her eldest child.

#3. In which year did Mary secretly marry and become pregnant by William Stafford

#4. True or false: Mary's daughter, Catherine, was appointed to serve Anne of Cleves in 1539?

#5. Catherine Carey married this man in April 1540.

#6. Mary's son, Henry, was granted this title by his cousin, Elizabeth I.

#7. True or false: William Shakepeare wrote for Henry Carey's group of players, the Lord Chamberlain's men?

#8. In 1545, Henry Carey married this woman.

#9. Henry Carey died here on 23 July 1596.

#10. Henry Carey and his sister, Catherine, are buried here.

#11. Mary's granddaughter, Lettice, married this favourite of Elizabeth I.


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Quiz – Mary Boleyn’s Family