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Quiz – Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in Film and on TV

On this day in history, 25th January 1533, Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn in a secret ceremony at Whitehall so today's quiz is all about actors and actresses who have played them on TV and on the big screen - enjoy!

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in Films and on TV

Q1) In the 2008 film version of “The Other Boleyn Girl”, who played the part of Henry VIII?

Eric Dane

Eric Church

Eric Kramer

Eric Bana

Q2) Who played Henry VIII in the Showtime TV drama “The Tudors”?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan Davies

Henry Cavill

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Q3) Who played Henry VIII in the two part BBC TV movie (2003) “Henry VIII”?

Brian Blessed

Sam Neill

Ray Winstone

Sean Bean

Q4) Who is playing Henry VIII in BBC2's adaptation of Wolf Hall?

Mark Rylance

Ben Miles

Nicholas Boulton

Damian Lewis

Q5) Who played Anne Boleyn opposite Ray Winstone as Henry VIII in the TV movie, Henry VIII?

Dorothy Tutin

Helena Bonham Carter

Scarlett Johansson

Natalie Dormer

Q6) In the “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” film version (1972), who played Anne Boleyn?

Charlotte Rampling

Lynne Frederick

Dorothy Tutin

Jane Asher

Q7) In the 1972 film “Henry VIII and His Six Wives”, who played Henry VIII?

Donald Pleasence

Keith Michell

Patrick Troughton

Brian Blessed

Q8) In “Anne of the Thousand Days”, who played Henry VIII?

Gary Bond

Robert Shaw

Anthony Quayle

Richard Burton

Q9) In the 1966 film “A Man for All Seasons”, who played Henry VIII?

Paul Scofield

Leo McKern

Robert Shaw

Corin Redgrave

Q10) Who played Anne Boleyn in the 1933 film “The Private Life of Henry VIII"?

Merle Oberon

Merle Travis

Merle Tuve

Merle Park

Q11) In the 1953 film “Young Bess”, who played Anne Boleyn?

Samantha Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Martha Stewart

Elaine Stewart

Q12) Who played the Anne Boleyn in “Anne of a Thousands Days”?

Elizabeth Taylor

Marguerite Bujold

Dorothy Tutin

Genevieve Bujold

Q13) Who played Anne Boleyn in Showtime's "The Tudors"?

Natalie Portman

Natalie Dormer

Tamzin Merchant

Maria Doyle Kennedy

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  1. M

    The only two I didn’t know we’re the BBC movie questions. I know my Tudors on film!

    1. M

      *were. Autocorrect…smh…

  2. B

    Seems I know more about who played Henry, than I do about who played Anne.

  3. L

    I did a bit better in this quiz then other quizzes, so still hope for me

  4. A

    I did pretty good! There were only two I didn’t know. I am dying to see Damien Lewis as H8. Though I have my issues with HM and Wolf Hall, I am very excited to see it just to see how well the cast does. I have been a big fan of Lewis since he was in Dreamcatcher.

  5. J

    Hey I’m a movie buff and didn’t even know it.

  6. e

    Well this was the quiz for me, only one wrong, but I am a film buff!!!

    1. C - Post Author

      Well done!

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Quiz – Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in Film and on TV