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Thomas Cromwell Quiz

A fun quiz about Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII's right hand man, and the protagonist of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall.

Thomas Cromwell

Q1) What occupation did Thomas Cromwell's father (some say stepfather) Walter Cromwell have?





Q2) In the 1510s, Cromwell went to Rome to help the Guild of St Mary’s Chapel, Boston, Lincolnshire, renew their licence for the sale of indulgences. Cromwell arranged a chance encounter with Pope Leo X and tempted him with...



A marchpane replica of Rome


Q3) Who household had Cromwell joined by 1516?

The King's

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk's

Thomas Wolsey's

Thomas Boleyn's

Q4) Which Act of Parliament championed by Cromwell is seen by historians as the legal foundation of the English Reformation?

Act of Supremacy

Act in Restraints of Appeals

Act Respecting the Oath to the Succession

Submission of the Clergy Act

Q5) In 1532, Cromwell was made...

Master of the Horse

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Henry VIII's principal secretary

Master of the Jewels

Q6) Cromwell has gone down in history for his role in the fall of Anne Boleyn and the dissolution of the monasteries, but what issue was he attempting to tackle in 1535/6?


Child abuse


The poor standard of education

Q7) Anne Boleyn's almoner John Skip preached a controversial sermon on Passion Sunday 1536 which is seen as an attack on Cromwell and the advice he was giving the King. What Bible story did Skip use?

That of King Ahab

That of King Jehoiachin

That of King Ahasuerus.

That of King Nebuchadnezzar

Q8) In April 1540, Cromwell was granted the Earldom of Essex, but what office was he also given?

Lord Privy Seal

Lord High Steward

Earl Marshal

Lord Great Chamberlain

Q9) In which year was Cromwell elected to the Order of the Garter?





Q10) The attainder against Cromwell in 1540 found Cromwell guilty of being a "detestable............."





Q11) In 1540 a rumour was spread that Cromwell was planning to marry......


Elizabeth Seymour

Margaret Douglas


Q12) Cromwell was beheaded on 28 July 1540, what other event took place on that day?

Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine Howard

The annulment of Henry VIII's marriage to Anne of Cleves

The execution of reformer Robert Barnes

The execution of Catherine Howard

Q13) Where was Thomas Cromwell laid to rest?

All Hallows-by-the-Tower

St Sepulchre-without-Newgate

Church of St. Lawrence Jewry

Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula

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  1. R

    I am sorry to sound cynical about his wish to tackle poverty but much poverty was also created by him with the closure of the monasteries. The monastic system did not just have a few monks, but employed monastic servants as monks in some orders could not do certain tasks, employment in and on monastic farms, they employed lay people to help with brewing, teaching and healing, provided homes and shelter, schools, infirmaries, mended and maintenance to bridges, roads and rivers and were vital for trade in the local markets. Many schools had to be refounded, like the King’s College at Worchester for example. I am not knocking Cromwell. I am sure that he felt he could go further by tackling the wider poverty in the cities and parish, with more formal poor laws following it has been argued the original welfare state was born, but I am suspicious of most things Cromwell did and think that his religious political agenda had several nasty side effects. I find it ironic that the Tudors had the harshest laws for unlicensed begging with branding, flogging and even hanging for a third offence, especially as they also caused the problem with the closure of the monasteries and sale of monastic lands and land enclosures. Queen Anne Boleyn fell out with Cromwell as she disapproved of the lands being sold or even just given to greedy nobles and courtiers, rather than being used for community projects. Queen Jane Seymour questioned the bribes that Cromwell took in order to continue to allocate those lands to those same courtiers. The money officially went to the royal treasury but it was cramed off the top by Cromwell and others and much was used by Henry Viii for his fantasy palaces and defences. The defences were needed, his grand palaces were not, although it could be argued that any building project is good as it provides employment.

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