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Project Grey Noise – An audio drama about Lady Jane Grey

Michael Bayus is the writer, producer and director/actor of a new audio drama about Lady Jane Grey which he describes as "27 plays that are told in sound only". Michael's goal in producing his drama "is to remember the Lady Jane Grey as she wanted to be remembered". He goes on to say:

"In my story, Lady Jane is trapped in the 21st century, but willingly. Because she knows that in order to affect change, and to accomplish her goal, she must act. It’s hard for her, because she knows that if she were to tell people that she really is Lady Jane Grey from 1554, people would think she is crazy. So she plays Miss Jane Dudley, and she oversees an exhibit about herself and dresses up in Tudor costume, and enjoys being herself twice a day, morning and afternoon) for her show. As the story goes on, her friend Mike suggests that she put on shows about events in her life as reenactments or vignettes in the evening. She does it all so well that she gains a reputation around town. She is very entertaining, and she talks Tudor History as though she really lived it, because she has. We get to know Jane, as she assumes the role of Miss Jane Dudley, a hard-working modern day young woman, as she interacts with those she meets when she is not working her exhibit. We eavesdrop on the lives of Jane and Mike as they go about there daily tasks. We listen to Jane, as she drives her car, prepares dinner, etc. We listen in on Jane’s conversations with Mike, and as she reads to him from her Literary Remains. We are also members of her audience as she seeks to tell her true life story to the public. Only Mike, and Jess, know for sure just who she really is. Mike is her best friend, and Jess is the caring mother that she never had.
Her goal is to debunk all of the myths and misinformation that has grown up around her since her death."

You can find out more about Michael and his project, and listen to a sample of it, at It really is wonderful how these Tudor characters are still inspiring people today.

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    Thanks! This looks really interesting.

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    Sounda like fun!

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Project Grey Noise – An audio drama about Lady Jane Grey