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Phil Downing – Priest Holes – Expert Talk

This month we have the wonderful Phil Downing talking about priest holes. He works at Harvington Hall and in this videos he speaks about the "Terrifying lives of Priests and their Priest Holes: the darker side of the Elizabethan period".

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  1. C

    This was an absolutely fascinating talk. I loved Phil’s knowledge and enthusiasm. I can’t wait to hear more on 27th March.

  2. M

    Thank you! Very fascinating. I want to know more about these. And I’m also really interested in (Gerard?) the escape from the Tower. Not many escaped from there I’m sure. Thanks again, I appreciate your time. Michelle t

  3. E

    Thanks so much – I learned a lot and, well, had fun!

  4. C

    Wow. Phil. That was arwsome! Thank you so much! A lot of new understansing and you tell it so well.
    I love Elizabeth, so happy to lean more about the dilemmas he faced regarding religion.
    I just have to show it to husbond, who is not a Tudor fan. He will love it!!

    Camilla V, Denmark

  5. C

    Thank you for the excellent talk
    It really was a terrifying time for the priests (and the families that hid them). You answered the question we were all thinking, 10 days, so scary. I am going to search out information on John Gerard, he obviously had such strong faith. Really great tour!

  6. A

    Such an excellent talk. Thank you so very much.

  7. A

    A fascinating insight and talk about the times in which catholics tried to exist and follow their conscience by adhering to the old religion and ways which had existed in England since the time of Augustine.

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Phil Downing – Priest Holes – Expert Talk