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Ooops another book!

You can never have enough books, can you? Well, that's what I keep telling myself anyway! In today's Claire Chats video I share with you my most recent book purchase, the two volume set Tudor and Jacobean Portraits by Roy Strong (1969), which I've had my eye on for ages. I know I will be dipping into these volumes on a regular basis, so I'm very pleased with my purchase, plus they're beautiful books.

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  1. R

    Hi lucky you are Claire to acquire these books!

    They’re expensive, so I’m still consulting the copies at a local university.

    1. C - Post Author

      Being in Spain, and in rural Spain, I don’t have access to books like that in libraries so I keep any eye on eBay, Amazon Market Place and Abe Books for bargains. These are ex-library books and are in great condition for the price.

  2. S

    Hi Claire. I loved your chat about the two-volume set of books on Tudor and Jacobean Portraits, so thanks for that. I’d love to add those to my collection of art books! One thing I’ve noticed in the portraits shown in some of my books, such as Alison Weir’s The Six Wives of Henry VIII, is the placement of the sitters’ hands. They are all arranged in such a pleasing fashion that show the several rings worn by women and men. In the one portrait of Anne Boleyn it even shows the extra fingernail or a hint of it on her finger.

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you, Sandra, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Yes, there’s a definite style to Tudor portraits with regards to things like hand placement. Which Anne one do you mean?

      1. S

        Hi Claire. It’s the Hever Castle portrait, but it’s the thumb that looks so odd, so maybe it isn’t what I thought. The nail on the thumb doesn’t look like the others. Set me straight…lol. Thank you! I just love these online “homes.”

        1. C - Post Author

          I see what you mean. Yes, the nail on the thumb isn’t as well painted as the other nails, but I can’t see any sign of any kind of extra nail, it just looks a bit “scruffy”.

          Thank you! I enjoy doing these little videos.

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Ooops another book!