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Claire Needs Your Help!

In today's Claire Chats video, Claire explains what she does on a daily basis and also asks for your help and feedback.

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  1. M

    Claire, I’d like to say thank you for all your hard work. I appreciate that you want the group to be what we want it to be. It’s never occurred to me to ask for specific topics because you cover so many things already. Things I wouldn’t think to ask about but are really relevant to the period. It helps give a complete view of the life and the times, and not just the royalty and court life. I especially enjoy your cooking videos.
    I know I’ve missed some videos along the way, and I’ve never joined in the chat room–I work 10 hour days (the US) and there are just never enough hours in the day left for me to do what I want to do and that’s just SAD.
    There are some things I’ve wondered about. You may have already covered them. I’d like to know more about you-birthplace, education, how you got interested in the Tudors, how you and Tim met and how you ended up in Spain. I’d also love to know about your Tudor doll collection!

    1. C - Post Author

      Hi Margaret,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and feedback. I am doing a Tudor cooking video this coming week so do tune in for that, and I will add those ideas to my list. Thank you!

  2. K

    Claire, I would also like to say Thank you so much for everything that you do. I’ve learned so much on the tudor society. I’m so excited about the free ebooks becoming available in September. I was thinking about what I would like to hear more about and I was thinking I would like to know more about henry’s fourth wife, anne. What was her life like after she was no longer queen? Did she stay close with elizabeth? Just more details about her life. Thank you.

    1. C - Post Author

      Hi Kathryn,
      Thank you for your helpful comments. Anne of Cleves is, indeed, a fascinating lady so I can definitely do a chat on her.

  3. O

    My favourites are the ones about your books (surprise surprise!) I hadn’t been able to attend many of the chats when I was working weekends but I am not working at the moment, so I will make more effort to attend. I would also love some informal chats between members here, I think that’s a great idea

    1. C - Post Author

      Thanks, Olga, perhaps I can do some more bookshelf ones and I also thought I might do one on the Victorian engravings of Tudors that I have collected over the years. I think the informal chats would be really good so I hope more people will be interested in those.

  4. M

    Loved this chat Claire! I want your life..!
    I became a member in February and have used this site daily as I’ve just begun persuing a Master’s Degree in Public History. The resources are fantastic and I’ve even used one of your chats on Thomas Cromwell’s role in Anne Boleyn’s downfall, as a resource for a research proposal I’ve just written. (I got an A!).

    I would love to participate in more of the live events but I’m in the States and the timing can be tricky. Your idea of alternating time zones is a good one and I would welcome that. I agree with Olga that informal member chats are a good idea as well.

    Thanks for making the Tudor Society so special. You are a treasure!

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you, Mary, I do feel very, very blessed to have my life. Congratulations on your Master’s studies and I’m so glad that you’ve found the site useful for your studies, that’s so heartwarming to know.

      Yes, time zones are tricky, but I think some more informal live chats might help with that as I don’t mind chatting in the middle of the night, I’m always happy to talk Tudor!

      Thank you for the feedback.

  5. M

    Thanks Claire! Can’t believe I misspelled PURSUING! Ugh..comp froze up before I could correct. At any rate, I agree – talking Tudor doesn’t have a time zone!

  6. L

    Hi Claire,

    Thanks for the chat and for all of your efforts in bringing us the BEST Tudor content that is out there! I really enjoy all of the topics and features that are offered on the Tudor Society; all of the contributors are great and we are so lucky to benefit from their vast knowledge!

    I think the idea of holding “informal chats” in the chatroom on a specific topic is wonderful, and would be a great opportunity for members to learn, comment, debate, each other, etc.!

    Keep up the great work, and I’m certainly looking forward to your Countdown book on Katherine Howard!


    1. C - Post Author

      Hi Laurie,
      Thank you for the feedback. OK, I’ll get on with thinking about some topics and dates/times for informal chats on the chatroom.

      Thanks, I’m really trying to set some time aside to get back to Catherine!

  7. B

    Hello, Claire! Thanks so much for all the research you put into all your efforts for us, the members of TTS. It is the finest source of all things Tudor, by far!
    I would love to have topical discussion honing in on a specific topic. I find myself in the middle; not a newbie and decidedly not an expert! I’ve been researching the life of Queen Elizabeth I for many years now and my husband took pity on my lack of an adequate bookcase to accommodate my ever growing Tudor library.
    I would love to have a series of chats on Queen Elizabeth, for example, the Gentlewomen of the Privy Chamber and how they were treated, their married lives, favorites of Elizabeth, her vast wardrobe and how it was taken care of, some discussion on her jewels (both personal and State), her frequent bouts of illness, including smallpox, and her increasing use of makeup to hide her age and scars from smallpox. Also, perhaps, a highlight of her progresses, especially the one at Kenilworth. Honestly, I feel like I myself could write some sort book on Elizabeth, but I can’t find a topic that hasn’t already been published. I’ve publishearticle for another website, on the progresses of Elizabeth which was just

    1. C - Post Author

      Hi Beth,
      Thank you, that’s so kind of you to say, and thank you for those ideas, I’ll make a note of them and I think they’re great ideas.

      Regarding writing about Elizabeth I, if you wanted to write about Elizabeth’s progresses then I’d be happy to run a series of guest articles here on the Tudor Society. That way you could write some detailed articles on them. As far as books are concerned, you’re always best about writing something that really grabs you and I don’t think it matters if the topic has been covered before because you could look at if from a different angle. I can talk to Tim about doing a live chat on the chatroom about publishing as I think we have quite a few members who’d be interested in talking about it.

  8. B

    a brief overview. I’d like a discussion on how to go about publishing. Sorry for throwing so many things at you! Another question that has always made me wonder…why did some many people during the Tudor period have red hair?!

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. M

    Hi again Claire, have you or anyone you know done any research on the meaning of “B.N.R.I. de R.O.M.V.E.Z” written at the end of one of Henry VIII’s letter to Anne Boleyn in 1527?


    1. C - Post Author

      Do you mean the one that ends “6.N.R. I. de. R.O.M.V.E.Z”? You can see it in English and the original French on p. 55 at and an image of it at Unfortunately, nobody has come up with anything that fits. It may well have been a code that was personal to Henry and Anne, so only she knew what he was talking about.

      1. M

        Thanks Claire, exactly what I was talking about. I’m so intrigued by those letters and what they might mean!

        I appreciate the links,


  10. K


    Just retuned from vacation — four teenagers, a dog, husband, traffic to boggle the mind and ferry required as well. The first thing i looked forward to was getting back to your chats and the site. My feelings are a combination of all the others and then some. Most importantly I have to say that I AM ASTONISHED BY ALL YOU DO, HAVE DONE, AND PLAN TO DO! I utterly treasure my membership. I am mother of three (and have twins 15 with Aspergers syndrome) and gave up a career in Washington, DC in government affairs when they were born to take advocacy efforts home for them. My passions have had to take the backseat. YOUR SITE and YOUR WORK have enabled me to feel as if I’m pursing higher education while still being a dutiful mother and soldier for my kids. I can’t tell you how much TTS has fed my thirst for later life learning (especially Tudors, Reformation, real life before all the innovations since the time, and Great Britain). I has been a refuge to escape challenges with the kids’ struggles… Going back and learning in such detail makes it real and puts things today in a more appreciative light. This humble Virginia girl who has ancestors Ipswich and Lincolnshire (and my husband’s Carlisle family ties) thanks you for ALL your work.

    My USA timezone is an issue but i believe you and Tim have done a lot to accommodate us. Life here is somewhat unpredictable. I need to try harder though.

    I was thinking on my way home how much I wish i could attend your September event — alas it isn’t in the cards for me. Will you be having some coverage of the talks ? Audio? Video? Perhaps some Claire Chats discussing the highlights of the event? Perhaps those of us in other countries could submit questions for you to ask by proxy? I would pay to have remote access to such talks.

    To all your authors who have given their time on our behalf, you, and Tim, your pets and your children…. We are grateful for your excellence.
    I love your books and diligently purchase all made global publications from amazon and encourage other TTS support them too.

    The best thing about you guys is your authenticity and enthusiasm. The incredible work isn’t coupled with unapproachable demeanor or big writer/publisher ego. This talk is a case and point. You’re like you are a great family friend. No one can match this. Your opinions are also balanced and researched on all facets.

    Claire Chats, expert talks, and links to things in UK TV that we dont know about here are my top joys.

    I’m in with the “More on Elizabeth” comment.
    Would love to know more about Edward and Mary (you have been so fair to her)
    Martyrs (of high rank and less so)
    Happenings of note at the Tudor Places still standing featured in your book.
    Continued Debunking movie and TV adaptations, books as well.
    Catherine Parr’s brush with being served a warrant for her prodestant sympathies… I’ll stop now!
    More about you and family and your journey too…. Since you are my friends in Spain

    God bless you!

    Kim Carlisle

    1. C - Post Author

      Hi Kim/Katherine,
      Thank you for your lovely and very encouraging comment. Where have you been on holiday? Did you have a good time? I hope so.

      Ha! I’m one of those people who likes to keep busy and who feels weird if I haven’t got a very long to-do list. My busy life is all my own making as I just keep coming up with more and more ideas! Oh dear! It sounds like you have a very busy life too and I’m glad that the Tudor Society helps to feed your thirst. My work and the interactions I have with other Tudor history lovers definitely keep me sane. We have three children (14,15 and nearly 19) and the eldest is just about to move to Moscow so things are slightly manic here but Tudor history helps to keep me grounded. How do you cope with everything you have on your plate – phew!

      It’s funny that you should mention the September event and streaming as we’re just trying to set that up at the moment, just looking at the different options for streaming. I’ll post about it as soon as we have got it organised.

      Thank you for your kind words. I know that some people don’t take me seriously because I’m not an academic historian and I made the conscious decision to just be myself. As an ex-teacher, I feel quite strongly about making history accessible to all and I hope that what I do goes some way towards doing that. People who prefer more academic stuff can buy books written by academics and read journals, people who want a more “popular” style can read my work. I’m not going to please everyone, but that’s life. I’m proud of what Tim’s done too. We both felt very disillusioned with the publishing industry when I had a publisher and agent interested in me. The publisher offered 5% royalties and a print run of 2,000, and the agent wanted me to keep tweaking my book proposal until it was a book I no longer wanted to write. By that time I’d already self-published and that success combined with our frustration with the industry and authors contacting us for help made Tim launch MadeGlobal. He’s really committed to giving authors a fair deal and I’m so proud of him.

      OK, I’ve made a list of all the things mentioned so I’ll definitely do some chats on Elizabeth and I’ll also see if Gareth can find some speakers to talk on Elizabeth too. I’ve also made a note of your other ideas – thank you so much!

      God bless you too! It means so much to me to receive encouragement like this. xx

  11. K

    Claire- thankyou for your generous response with so many demands on your time. We vacationed in Coastal NC — an Island called Bald Head. You take a ferry over and then drive about the island In golf carts. It was pleasant and wonderful to escape the DC rat race.

    I believe you and I both have the same source for energy—Christian faith. I sensed it in your work, but when you mentioned it in the chat I was so happy to know you share this foundation too. I am Anglican. I think of Cranmer and Anne Boelyn every time I pick up my prayer book. Your dream about Anne Boelyn’s execution seems very much like the Holy Spirit at work!

    I am so glad you were given the discernment to step away from the publishers and agents. Thanks be to God as your work is now your truth with no filters. What a bonus for Tim’s complimentary calling to publish and work with you and in support of TTS and Anne Boelyn Files.

    Your evolution as teacher, wife, mother, writing assignments galore to then — author in my mind is far better than the academic stuff. Infusing your passion with an investigative journalist’s drive and primary sources humanizes all these facinating people from centuries past.

    Looking forward to all that is ahead. Prayers for your 19 year old’s safe settlement in Moscow will be coming from America.

    Again thank you and God Bless –

    1. C - Post Author

      Hi Kim,
      Driving about an island in golf carts sounds fun! How wonderful! Yes, we all need to escape the rat race, so I’m glad you had a good time.

      Yes, my faith definitely sustains me and I think it helps me to gain an insight into Tudor people as their faith was an integral part of their lives, which is hard for some people to understand in our secular world.

      I think my dream was definitely God’s work, it definitely put me on the right path. It’s hard trying to juggle everything, but my dream has led to me working at home, working with Tim and meeting lots of lovely people. It’s funny how things work out, with Tim now being a publisher, but it seems very right.

      Thank you, your words are so encouraging. I am very blessed to have the support I have, thank you, it means so much.

      God bless you too and keep in touch xxx

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