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Modern Day British Christmas Traditions

Feeling rather overwhelmed by my whistle-stop tour of modern British traditions? Well, here are some recipes so you can begin to understand what I'm talking about.

Roast turkey and all the trimmings

Desserts and sweet treats

There's also this interesting, and entertaining, video from Anglophenia about the British Christmas, although I've never heard of throwing letters to Father Christmas in the fire!

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  1. C

    It was never a case of throwing a letter to Father Christmas into the fire. The aim was to throw it into the fireplace and let the warm updraught from the fire carry it like magic straight up the chimney. It worked pretty well give poor take a few charred edges. I was assured that elves were waiting on the roof to seize the letter when it reached the top and convey it to Father Christmas.

  2. C

    Give or take a few charred edges. Autocorrect strikes again.

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Modern Day British Christmas Traditions