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May Day Quiz

Have fun today with this May Day Quiz - good luck!

May Day Quiz

Q1) On which day of May is "May Day" celebrated in the UK?

1 May

2 May

3 May

31 May

Q2) May Day is seen as the first day of summer and has its roots in ancient celebrations of .....


The summer solstice



Q3) Morris dancing is a popular May Day tradition, what was its other name in medieval and Tudor England?

The polka


Square dancing

The Morisco

Q4) What was "bringing in the May"?

Collecting flowers and branches to make garlands and wreaths

Dancing around the Maypole

Bringing poor people into your home

Collecting herbs to make tinctures

Q5) In which year did the Evil May Day Riot take place?





Q6) What were the young apprentices and labourers rioting about in the Evil May Day Riot?

The coinage being debased

Foreign traders

Guilds being expensive to join


Q7) Some of the rioters were saved from execution by the intercession of ........

Catherine of Aragon and the King's sisters

Cardinal Wolsey

William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury

Their guilds

Q8) Which courtier did Henry VIII personally question on 1 May 1536 regarding his alleged affair with Queen Anne Boleyn?

George Boleyn

Mark Smeaton

Francis Weston

Henry Norris

Q9) On May Day 1590, James VI of Scotland brought his bride to Scotland - who was she?

Marie de Guise

Anne of Denmark

Mary of Modena

Catherine of Braganza

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May Day Quiz