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Henrician statesman quiz

How much do you know about the men who served King Henry VIII? Test yourself with this fun quiz.

Henrician statesman quiz

Q1) Which Tudor statesman was granted the earldom of Essex in April 1540?

Thomas Wriothesley

Thomas Audley

Richard Rich

Thomas Cromwell

Q2) Who served as Henry VIII's Lord Chamberlain from 1543 to 1545?

William Paulet

William Fitzalan

William Sandys

Henry Fitzalan

Q3) Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, served Henry VIII in which office from 1539 to 1545?

Lord Chamberlain

Lord Steward

Vice Chamberlain

Master of the Horse

Q4) Who was Henry VIII's final Master of the Horse?

Anthony Browne

Nicholas Carew

Henry Guildford

Edward Seymour

Q5) Who was Henry VIII's first Lord Chancellor?

Thomas More

Thomas Wolsey

William Warham

Thomas Ruthall

Q6) On 29 June 1536, which office was Thomas Boleyn, father of the recently executed Anne and George Boleyn, deprived of?

Lord High Treasurer

Lord Privy Seal

Earl Marshal

Lord High Admiral

Q7) Who was appointed Lord High Steward of England on 12th May 1536 in readiness for ruling, as Lord President, over the trials of Anne and George Boleyn?

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk

Thomas Wriothesley

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk

Q8) In which year did Thomas Wolsey lose his office of Lord Chancellor?





Q9) Which Henrician statesman said of Henry VIII "If my head would win him a castle in France, it should not fail to go"?

Thomas Cromwell

Thomas More

Thomas Wolsey

William Warham

Q10) Who was appointed the King's secretary in August 1529?

Thomas Cromwell

Richard Pace

Edward Foxe

Stephen Gardiner

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  1. A

    What fun!

  2. R

    Charles Brandon became the Lord Steward but the name was changed to Great Master and I imagine Brandon who was meant to have a great booming voice, using it well in 1540 onwards. Brian Blessed must have been his twin lol.

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Henrician statesman quiz