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Do you keep up to date on history news? Test yourself on recent discoveries and history news with this fun quiz.

In the news

Q1) Who is thought to have painted the painting that has just been found in the loft of a house in southern France and which is estimated to be worth £94m ?

Da Vinci




Q2) On which Scottish island has a copy of Shakespeare's First Folio just been found?





Q3) A print identified as which noblewoman has hit the news since being listed on eBay as Anne Boleyn?

Elizabeth de Beauchamp, Lady Bergavenny

Frances Manners, Lady Bergavenny

Joan Fitzalan, Lady Bergavenny

Joan de Beauchamp, Lady Bergavenny

Q4) Historian Adrian Greenwood was found murdered at his home in which English city recently?





Q5) Which two historians have teamed up to present a new series called "Henry VIII and his Six Wives" on the UK's Channel 5?

Dan Snow and Suzannah Lipscomb

Lucy Worsley and David Starkey

Dan Jones and Suzannah Lipscomb

Simon Schama and Suzannah Lipscomb

Q6) Reading Council has announced that it will "co-ordinate the archaeological project and commission companies to survey the abbey ruins" to locate the remains of which English king?

King Alfred

Henry II

Edward I

Henry I

Q7) 15th April was the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, but in which year did the ship sink?





Q8) A manuscript by which physicist and mathematician has been recently rediscovered in a private collection and contains a recipe for "sophick mercury"?

Francis Bacon


Isaac Newton

Galileo Galilei

Q9) An 11th century Viking site has just been discovered and is evidence of the first European presence in North America. Where is it?

Vancouver Island

Prince of Wales Island

Prince Edward Island


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  1. M

    This quiz was a nudge in my brain, reminding me I oughtn’t spend the entirety of my time in the sixteenth century. Well done for dragging me, kicking and screaming, into the twenty-first century.

    1. C - Post Author

      I thought I’d do something a bit different this week, particularly as I’ve spent so much time this week talking about that Lady Bergavenny news story. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. M

    I knew about Dan Jones from Facebook, and I JUST read your article on the Anne Boleyn portrait, yet I still got the answer incorrect. It’s a sad state of affairs that the only right answer I got came from Facebook! Oy!

    1. C - Post Author

      Oh well, better luck next time!

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