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Mary, Queen of Scots – live chat on Saturday 4 March

We're holding one of our informal live chats on the chatroom this Saturday. Regular contributor Heather R. Darsie will be moderating and you can ask her questions or simply pose questions for debate and discussion. Heather thought it would be nice to talk about Mary's life after her return from France, but we can stray to her earlier life if you like. We can also discuss books, theories about her... whatever you like, it's an informal chat.

The chatroom can be found at and here are the times for different time zones:

  • London, UK - 10pm Saturday 4th March
  • Madrid, Spain - 11pm Saturday 4th March
  • New York, USA - 5pm Saturday 4th March
  • Los Angeles, USA - 2pm Saturday 4th March
  • Chicago, USA - 4pm Saturday 4th March
  • Sydney, Australia - 9am Sunday 5th March
  • Adelaide, Australia - 8.30am Sunday 5th March

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  1. L

    Looking forward to this talk, Mary is both a fascinating and infuriating woman.
    All her problems stemmed from France and ultimately they were her downfall.

  2. L

    Enjoyed this talk very much, Heather certainly knows her stuff and I would enjoy chatting with her more about Mary.

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Mary, Queen of Scots – live chat on Saturday 4 March