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Mary I

Q1) Why has Mary I gone down in history as "Bloody Mary"?

Because of the burnings of Protestants during her reign

Because she executed Lady Jane Grey

Because she liked wearing red

Because she drank blood

Q2) Who was Mary I's mother?

Jane Seymour

Anne Boleyn

Elizabeth of York

Catherine of Aragon

Q3) Who were Mary I's maternal grandparents?

Henry VII and Elizabeth of York

Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile

Juana la Loca (Joanna of Castile) and Philip the Handsome

Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville

Q4) In what year did Mary I come to the throne?





Q5) Who did Mary I marry in July 1554?

Charles V

The Dauphin of France

Philip II of Spain

Edward Courtenay

Q6) What was Mary I's motto?

Truth, the daughter of time (Veritas temporis filia)

Semper eadem (always the same)

The Most Happy

Plus ultra (further beyond)

Q7) Mary I's achievements include...

Being England's first queen regnant

Overhauling the tax system

Maintaining the navy and reforming the militia

Strengthening the position of Parliament by using it for her religious settlement

All of the above

Q8) Which former archbishop was burned at the stake during Mary I's reign?

William Warham

Thomas Cranmer

Thomas Wolsey

Edward Lee

Q9) Who was Mary I said to be named after?

The Virgin Mary

Maria de Salinas

Mary Magdalen

Mary Tudor, Queen of France

Q10) How old was Mary I when she died?






Q11) Where is Mary I buried?

St George's Chapel, Windsor

Peterborough Cathedral

St Michael's, Framlingham

Westminster Abbey

Q12) What is Mary I said to have claimed would be written on her heart when it was removed after her death?





Q13) In which palace died Mary die in November 1558?

Greenwich Palace



St James's

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  1. L

    thought I knew more about Mary then I do , good quiz though

  2. d

    Agreed!!!! Good quiz.Only one missed was her motto. I read a ton and about the Tudors but missed that one!

  3. D

    tricked me with that multi correct answer question, thinking to myself I’m sure she did all those things, but ticked only 1, sneaky, very sneaky, lol….

  4. M

    Ooooo perfect. I love these quizzes

  5. R

    Perfect score 🙂

  6. S

    5/13 😂😂 I’m so bad lol 😭😂

  7. k

    im rubbish i got a solid 3/13 im not happy about this love karen.

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    I’m absolute rubbish at this I’m am not happy about my score 3/13 i want to speak to your manager love Karen 😒😒😒🤢🤢🤢

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