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March 2021 – Tudor Life – Pride

Here at the Tudor Society, we continue with the deadly sins (!) with this month's edition featuring pride. The Tudors were a proud lot, and so you're in for a treat with this edition.

Also, we're proud that there is a discount for stunning Tudor-themed building models! Check out page 32 for more details!

This month the magazine contains:

  • The Pride of Catherine of Aragon by Gayle Hulme
  • England’s Sweet pride is Gone by Roland Hui
  • A Proud Spirit: Penelope Devereux by Sarah-Beth Watkins
  • The Terrifying lives of Priests and Priest Holes March Expert Speaker is Phil Downing
  • Pride before the Fall: The De Casibus Tradition by Lauren Browne
  • The Travels of Hans Holbein the Younger by Susan Abernethy
  • Tudor Society Members’ Bulletin by Tim Ridgway
  • Editor’s Recommendations - Pride by Gareth Russell
  • The fall of Thomas Wolsey Crossword Quiz by Catherine Brooks
  • Shakespeare’s Globe as a Stunning Model exclusive member discount offer!
  • Tudor Charlwood and Leigh: Part 2 by Ian Mulcahy
  • Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder - The Story Continues by Toni Mount
  • Fortune’s Hand | All Manner of Things book reviews by Charlie Fenton
  • Living the Tudor Experience Catherine Brooks interviews Brigitte Webster
  • Fancy a Tipple? by Rioghnach O’Geraghty

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March 2021 – Tudor Life – Pride