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Tudor History Challenge 4

Hello, Claire here! I'm celebrating reaching 25,000 YouTube subscribers today by having a bit of fun at Tim's expense, although I am allowing Henry VIII and William Shakespeare to help him a bit.

Play along with us and see whether you can do better than Tim with these Tudor history questions (surely you can!). Get 1 point for each correct answer and question 16 is worth a possible 3 points. The questions are below, and then the answers below that, so please don't look ahead! Good luck!

I would just like to say a big thank you for following this channel. I feel so blessed to be able to talk Tudor with you.

1. King Henry VII united the Houses of Lancaster and York by marrying Elizabeth of York, but who was Elizabeth’s father?
2. Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, eldest son of King Henry VII, died at this castle in April 1502.
3. Robert Dudley, Elizabeth’s favourite, was Earl of this English city.
4. Robert Dudley was married twice: to Amy Robsart and then to a woman Elizabeth I called the She-Wolf, what was her name?
5. What was the name of Lady Jane Grey’s husband?
6. This famous mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occultist and philosopher was an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. What was his name?
7. True or false: Mary I was 42 when she died on 17th November 1558?
8. Elizabeth I was said to have been sitting under an oak tree on the estate of this place in 1558 when she was informed that she was queen.
9. Henry VIII, Mary I and Elizabeth I were all born at this palace.
10. In which battle did the Mary Rose sink on 19th July 1545?
11. Edward VI’s council was led first by Edward Seymour, as Lord Protector, and then by another man as Lord President, who was the second leader?
12. What was the name of the war between Scotland and England from 1543 to 1551 which aimed to make Scotland marry off Mary, Queen of Scots, to Henry VIII’s son Edward?
13. Which Elizabethan playwright wrote Doctor Faustus, Tamburlaine and the Jew of Malta?
14. This Protestant woman was illegally racked before being burned at the stake on 16th July 1546.
15. This Tudor woman had a dog that she named Gardiner, after her enemy Bishop Stephen Gardiner, which she dressed in a vestment and processed around in “a mock parade” to humiliate the bishop.
16. Bonus question (a point for each correct answer) – Mary Queen of Scots was married three times, can you name all 3 of her husbands?

Answers.... NO CHEATING!

Don't look until the end!

Really, don't scroll down unless you're ready!

1. Edward IV
2. Ludlow Castle
3. Leicester
4. Lettice Knollys (or Devereux)
5. Guildford Dudley
6. Dr John Dee
7. True!
8. Hatfield House
9. Greenwich Palace or the Palace of Placentia
10. The Battle of the Solent
11. John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland
12. The Rough Wooing
13. Christopher Marlowe
14. Anne Askew
15. Catherine Willoughby or Catherine Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk
16. Francis (François) II; Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, and James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell

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  1. M

    That was fun! Thanks. Oh, I got 14. I didn’t know the mathematician, the playwright, the Mary Rose sinking battle, and one of Mary Queen of Scots husbands (the first, I knew it was a dauphin, but not his name). Not bad for me! Michelle t

  2. L

    That was great! Good effort, Tim! By the next time, you’ll be a pro!!

    1. C - Post Author

      I was harder on him this time!

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Tudor History Challenge 4