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Lucy Churchill – The 1534 Anne Boleyn medal and King’s College Chapel Choirscreen – Expert Talk

Our May expert speaker is stonecarver Lucy Churchill who has done extensive research on two Anne Boleyn-related items - the 1534 medal, which she has reconstructed, and the choirscreen of King's College Chapel, Cambridge.

Lucy will be joining us in the Tudor Society chatroom - - on 15 May for a live Q&A session, so do join us! Full details of the chat can be found at

You can see photos of the Anne Boleyn medal at and the choirscreen at

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  1. C

    Thanks so much for this talk Lucy. I’m looking forward to learning more when you join our chat room. It is a fascinating subject and I’m off now to browse your website.

  2. L

    Thanks Clare. Don’t forget to download the pdf decoding the imagery on the choir screen too – it’s full of rich pickings 🙂

  3. R

    I’m still ‘most happy’ with Lucy’s ‘Most Happy’ medal!

    I have the plaque, the pendant, and the magnet – all beautiful, and a great tribute to Anne Boleyn.

    1. L

      I’m honoured to have your support Roland. And I am delighted by your detective work regarding the Lady of the Garter image in the Black Book of 1534. A very precious image that could easily have passed us by.

  4. M

    Thank you for your fascinating talk. I appreciate your time and all your research. Michelle t

    1. L

      My pleasure Michelle – it was a labour of love! :>) Lucy

  5. R

    To hold the moost happi portrait medal magnet in my hand is an absolute thrill. I feel like I’m holding the real thing. I like to keep Anne close, so I also have the pendant and the plaque sits on my kitchen windowsill at my sink, near the stove–where I spend a lot of time! I simply love what you’ve done, Lucy –bringing Anne back to us! I feel so fortunate to be the recipient of your combined skills–both academic and artistic! I had the wrong time in my head and I’m sick I missed this live chat. But thank you for this video. I never tire of hearing your insights on both the medal and the choir screen!

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Lucy Churchill – The 1534 Anne Boleyn medal and King’s College Chapel Choirscreen – Expert Talk