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Siobhan Clarke – Dress, Dazzle & Display – Expert Talk

Ever wondered what Tudor people wore, how their status affected what they could put on, and how clothing changed throughout the Tudor period? Join Siobhan Clarke as she takes us on a journey through time to see what was in fashion!

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  1. C

    A superb talk with lovely illustrations. The rules of sumptuary laws were fascinating. The richness of the courtiers’ and Royal dress was clearly shown. I was interested in the coldness of the climate then, and it being the reason for the many layers the Tudors wore. All in all a super way to spend an hour. Thank you, Siobhan. I shall prolong the pleasure by reading your book, which arrived yesterday. I’m looming forward to the chatroom event on the 25th June.

  2. D

    I’ve just caught up on this. A great talk on dress and dazzle, with the bonus of careful analysis of the portraits and their symbols. Thank you!

  3. R

    Excellent presentation!

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Siobhan Clarke – Dress, Dazzle & Display – Expert Talk