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Live Transcript – Sarah Morris – Anne of Cleves

Here's the transcript of our fast-paced LiveChat with Sarah Morris all about Anne of Cleves and her work to uncover the true origins of the Anne of Cleves wooden panels at St Leonard’s Church, Old Warden, Bedfordshire. It was an amazing discussion. Thanks to all who attended.


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  1. R

    Thanks for the transcript, Tim and Claire. I forgot it was earlier and just popped in at the end in time to say goodbye 😃😃😃

    I have seen the videos on the Anne of Kleve panels and the research is remarkable. A great detective story. I can just see Anna, now a lady of wealth and independent means sending for crafts people, experts to source the wood from her homeland and giving them instructions on the designs of the panels and even inspecting them. Love Sarah’s books on the footsteps of the Queens. Thanks again, Claire and Tim.

    See your next talk. I will be on holiday for the next one but will join you from Wales. I will set a reminder.



    1. C

      That’s ok! It was lovely to “see” you even if it was for just a few minutes. It is a wonderful story, isn’t it? So very exciting!

      1. R

        One of the most exciting finds in recent times. I love new finds. Just think all those panels have a real story to tell. The craftsmanship is remarkable.

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Live Transcript – Sarah Morris – Anne of Cleves